Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shade the Changing Girl #3 SPOILER REVIEW

Shade the Changing Girl #3

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artists: Marley Zarcone, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Price: $3.99

The Alien Girl on Earth

As Shade continues her façade of being an Earth girl, she’s faced with a new challenge. She stands at the edge of the pool terrified to step in. She knows how to swim, but not in a human body. Her peers laugh hysterically as Shade tries to stay afloat. She feels an odd sense of anger, almost as if Megan is still there somewhere inside her. But she knows that cannot be.

Floating through the abyss a female form appears. Breathing words of life and touch she tells the world that she’s coming for it. For what I don’t know, but I find her lack of eyes disturbing.

Over on Planet Meta the science guys are out questioning people for the whereabouts for the lost vest of madness. After confronting a space rock band, they head out empty handed. Unknowingly to the the singer of the rock band knows exactly where the vest it. Back on Earth, Shade decides to Meta Mediate to get her head clear. A Bird like creature emerges from her thoughts and shows Shade Meagan’s memories. Her mind’s far away travels is interrupted by the mom yelling at her to walk the dog. Outside Shade runs into River, and asks him why she seems to be so hated by everyone. River helps her find a ‘I hate Megan page’ designed by all her peers. And I mean it’s full of hate; the title is her name plus toxic human so yeah let the hate flow through you. She begins to mediate again to get some advice. As she comes back her coat leaves a melted colorful like substance on River’s floor. River finally realizes that something was very off about this girl. Later he goes to the library to research aliens. Shade finally knows what she must do, she must act like Megan to fully assimilate. Don’t know it that’s the route I’d personally take after seeing the hate page… She starts by asking Wes to help her learn how to swim again. Since she is the captain of the swim team and all. At the swimming pool the other swim team girls come and surround Shade. They begin harassing her, that she should be off the team or at least benched. Suddenly Shade is overwhelmed with Megan’s anger and starts to lose control of the madness within her. She attacks one of the girls with wild chaotic rage. The creepy floating girl from before feels a disturbance in the force and the madness of Shade’s actions draws her in.

The Confessional

This definitely isn’t your usually 90210 teen drama story. Shade’s inner conflict is revealed through her desperation at wanting to feel like she belongs. At times she even seems melodramatic and mopey. She is so involved in trying to figure out the world around her that her motives and end goal gets lost in the shuffle. The side characters like River and Teacup are really great and bring a sense of calmness to the storm of madness. The art, as psychedelic and stylistic as it is was a bit confusing for me at times. When she attacks the girl it almost looks like she’s using alien powers. We see a giant sized hand illuminate from Shade to attack the girl, but in the next panel it is gone. Then bugs begin flowing out of the girl’s mouth and is gone again the next instant. It makes me wonder if only Shade and possibly the girl can see what is going on. To everyone else it might just look like a normal catfight? Then the scene where she is mediating we see a bird creature emerge. Is that her true form, or is that like her spirit animal? Either way it’s a fun story. I’d like a little more pep in Shade’s step. The whole depressed teen girl weighs down on you a bit, but the concept as a whole is really great.

Blessing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

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