Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sixpack and Dogwelder #5 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artists: Russ Braun, John Kalisz, Pat Brosseau

Despite John Constantine getting harder to understand, this book is always a good laugh. The gang roll their eyes as the Justice League states how they plan to deal with the star coming to earth. Different than other stars, Sirius will probably destroy the earth. Earth destruction is never a good thing. Last issue Dogwelder discovered the truth about himself and now feels ever so alone in the universe. Trying to comfort him, John tells a tale of how myths spread through centuries. His voice over iconic magical beings was pretty great and hilarious. With no shortage of hairy ass crack the gang takes their next step into heroism. Their plan? Well why not sneak into NASA, knock out the astronauts and take their place? That sounds reasonable. Before lift off Six Pack gets fed up with DogWelder and lets him have it. Sixpack always has a soft spot in my heart. With his drunken charm and deep, deep inside sweet spot where all he wants is to be a hero you can’t help but love the fellow. By the way there is a moment of glory where Sixpack gets his 15 seconds of fame. If that’s not worth picking up this book for, well then you’re wrong.

As we all already know Ennis’s genius, lets take a moment to appreciate the art. For a silly as this story is the details and strong outlines and colors are just fantastic. Every feature to the smallest of chest hairs to a blasting off of a rocket ship brings outstanding character to the pages. The talent on this book is just great all around. I love the realistic vibe mixed with the more cartoony feel.

The confessional

I’m still waiting on an issue that makes me laugh as hard as I did in Issue 2. I have to say seeing Sleeping Beauty’s evil step-mother with John narrating made me smile pretty hard. Dogwelder is such a weird character you don’t really know how to feel about him. Maybe if you saw his face he wouldn’t seem so ominous. I also swear John was more British this issue than he was before. Its cool to see this grumpy British chap lead this band of misfits and a quest to save the world. It’s never not interesting. It kind of feels like watching “Always Sunny” because it’s a  gang full of dysfunctional people getting into hijinks. Excited how this space adventure turns out.

High Blessing: ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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