Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Suicide Squad #8 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Rob WilliamsArtists: Scott Williams and Jim Lee

Going Sane part 4: I Believe in Miracles

We get a quick little recap about where we left off with Harley letting us know that everyone is going crazy. General Zod is about to wake up and Harley has gotten her sanity back. And at the moment is being attacked by Killer Croc because she decided to taser June Moon to get her to turn in The Enchantress. Who may be the only who can help Harley get to the Zod lab without being affected by the black vault energies. Enchantress of course agrees when she isreminded that there is a bomb in her head and this is still the Suicide Squad. So off they go towards the lab.

While this is happening, Hack is stuck with the digital version of Boomerang who has her trapped with a mechanic arm. This part of the story kind of confused me a little I won’t lie. But nonetheless Hack is contacted by Harley who needs her help in the Lab and after a little pep talk, Hack agrees to try and help. So the team makes their way to the lab where Zod has awaken and is dragging Waller off, presumably to kill her. Not before Harley grabs some cables and electrocutes Zod from behind while Hack downloads a virus into him. That virus being Captain Boomerang who is now back some how in full effect. I thought at first he was reborn through Zod’s body or something but that turned out to be false because Zod fell on top of him. Everyone then goes on to tell Waller that trying to control Zod is a bad idea, but of course she doesn’t see it that way. Oh and Harley is crazy again. Of course!

Prelude: Warm Heart 

One thing I’ve been enjoying with this Suicide Squad series is the mini stories that come after that focus on one character. These stories show us how these characters’ work and how they’re different from the others on the team. This week was no different with Warm Heart. Which introduces Dr. Caitlin Snow A.K.A Killer Frost who is shown arriving to Belle Reve. She gets a little tour of the prison and its inmates; all while playing it tough in front of everyone. Because that’s what you have to do in these situations. My favorite part of this whole story is when Killer Frost talks about a saying that her dad said everyone has a warm heart, they just bury it deep down. Then she meets Amanda Waller who is ready to welcome her into the Suicide Squad!

The Confessional:

I quite enjoyed this issue. Fun, silly and great art throughout. I look forward to how it connects to the upcoming Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event (which this issue is a prelude to) I was a little confused about the Captain Boomerang coming back to life through a virus that was used on Zod though. Or I mean he was the virus? See I don’t know but it’s okay. I also thought there would have been a bit more of a show down against General Zod. Since he is who he is, but they might have run out of room to make space for the Warm Heart Prelude. Which I thought was a great little story of Killer Frost meeting Waller for the first time. The art in both stories is great. Love the detail and the colors.

Holy: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Brandon Reid | Nerd Church Radio

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