Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Brian Ching, Michael Atiyet

Kryptonians vs. Earth 

Benjamin walks towards his future. By future I mean Miss Cat Grant’s young innovators program. There he will be helping launch Catco Worldwide Media. As he enters Cat’s office he is overwhelmed by what comes down from the sky. Hundreds of the defected alien robot creatures Zor-El had brought to life. This of course sends Ms. Danvers and the rest of the D.E.O into high alert. But where is Supergirl when her city needs her most? Trapped on the fake Krypton watching her adoptive mother slowly die. Evil robot mother asks Kara why she is distressed about her adoptive mother’s demise. Since Kara is Kryptonian she should be happy that everyone on earth will be sacrificed to bring these robots into actual life. Pretty twisted right? Kara pleads to the hint of her real mother deep inside the robot creature. She tells her how Eliza came to Krypton even though it would be dangerous for her to do so. She continues trying to show robot mom how Zor-El doesn’t care about her anymore, he just cares about himself. Robot mom walks over to Eliza and gives Eliza back her life, ending hers in the process. so maybe there was a piece of humanity actually in there. Kara isolates the frequency that the machine holding her is using by screaming at the right frequency to break free. Kara then goes to her dead robot mom. She accepts that this was not really Alura the woman she loved but Zor-El’s vision of her. Now Alura can really be put to rest. Back on Earth the other Cyborgs are still relentlessly attacking the people. The D.E.O try to hold their ground, but these Cyborgs have the strength of Superman. So yeah normal people probably aren’t’ the best defense against these things. Just when you think it can’t get bad enough Zor-El touches down in all his evil glory.

The Confessional

This was pretty slow for me. I mean there were some sweet moments between characters, but it wasn’t enough to keep me interested in this story. The art is very stylistic and worked duller colors into more serious scenes. There were only a couple panels of actual action and even those were somewhat uneventful. Last issue was a lot more exciting so I’m going to hope to it kicks back up. As a stand alone it wasn’t able to hold my attention. I think this issue was mostly trying to further the plot and set up the end fight between Zor-El and Kara. So hold on there Supergirl fans there is more to come, but I have to be honest on how I felt about this issue alone.

Purgatory: ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

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