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Writer: Joshua WilliamsonArtists: Davide Glanfelice, Ivan Plascencia and Christopher Sotomayor

Hope vs. Shade 

We start off with a quick flashback to a few days ago where we see Barry trying to teach Wally how to vibrate through a wall. Wally doesn’t trust Barry (which seems to be the theme right now in the series) and continues trying to guess Barry’s real name. This all leads to Barry asking if Wally trusts him and of course in response Wally replies with a “Not until you can trust me.” Williamson really wants us to know that Wally doesn’t trust Barry.

This brings us to the preset where the two speedsters and The Shade are fighting their way through Shadows trying to get to Iris and Hope. Who have been over with darkness and are now villains trying to open a portal to our dimension so they can overcome it with darkness. Barry and Wally aren’t doing too well with the Shadow at this point. So Barry locks speed with Wally, basically stopping time, allowing him to quickly explain to Wally that he doesn’t want him to know his identity because it will essentially take away Wally’s childhood. Wally cracks a joke about The Flash looking like a Chad before trying to vibrate with Barry to get through the Shadows. Only Wally explodes with light instead and blows the shadows up. So at this point it will be interesting to see what powers Wally may have that Barry does not.

But that will have to wait because the gate is about to be opened into our dimension and Hope is finally confronted by The Shade. She is completely consumed by darkness but Iris on the other hand is having some doubts. She knows it’s the darkness that is affecting her but if she refuses the darkness, Hope threatens that she will have it rip Iris apart. The Shade wants none of this and tries to reason with Hope who wants none of that. Which leaves The Shade with no choice but to release all of his darkness onto Hope. Or maybe combined his darkness with hers. I’m not quite sure it’s a little fuzzy on those details but something is happening. So then Wally and Barry need to make their lightning collide in order to disperse of all the shadows and they do this by…. a fist bump (I found this quite amusing to be honest).

More comic book magic here as this transports all five of them back to our dimension. No more gate opening or anything. Hope is also cured. A little confused about what has happened but The Shade fills her in, taking the blame for his shadow’s but she wants none of that and forgives him. Hope and The Shade then start to leave through a portal and Shade makes a comment to Flash about his wife, but at this point The Flash is not married. May this be a wee little Watchmen tease of sorts? I HOPE SO! The issue then ends with Barry and Wally being on the same page about why Barry can’t tell him his identity. Then Wally races off to school instead of training with Barry. Who then decides to go and ask out Iris because of something the Shade mentioned to The Flash about being happy. Didn’t see that coming!

The Confessional

Story wise, I have been really enjoying The Speed of Darkness story arc. It felt like a very classic comic book love story without being a complete rip off. We got a great balance of the relationship between Barry and Wally as well as The Shade’s backstory and how he really wasn’t the bad guy like we were made to think early on. The only major issue I had was with some of the art. A lot of it felt unfinished with quick backgrounds that lacked excitement.

Holy: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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