Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Neil Googe and Ivan Plascencia
Price: $2.99

More like Kid Flash #13…

Now I’m not complaining, because I loved this issue, but it is more of a Kid Flash issue. We are shown Kid Flash working extra hard to keep crime low so that Barry and Iris can finally go on a date with no distractions. He delivers a crazy Mall Santa with a gun to the CCPD (love it), saves an old lady from being robbed (classic), then as soon as he thinks everything’s going to be easy he runs into… Tar Pit! Who has robbed a toy store of it’s money and the only way Kid Flash can slow him down is by covering him in as much snow as possible. When Tar Pit is unable to move, he tells Kid Flash how he needed that money to save his niece and nephew from kidnappers. Of course Kid Flash agrees to help out… right after the police arrive to take Tar Pit into custody.

Barry and Iris go on a date…

While all this is going on with Kid Flash, Barry and Iris are on a date. Finally. The date is mostly them talking about why it has taken so long for a date to happen. It seems to be their third or maybe even fourth date. They just seem to be too busy. Not only with work but also Barry dating other girls. I’m curious if the missing 10 years and Rebirth has to do with what’s going on because Iris says she just seems to be thinking about her and Barry a lot recently. We may get an answer to that later on but probably not.

Kid Flash to the rescue…

Another reason why this should be a Kid Flash issue is that not only does Kid Flash rescue Tar Pits niece and nephew from their kidnappers and deliver the kidnappers to the police. But he also makes it home in time to make hot chocolate for when Barry and Iris get back from their date, which I thought was a nice touch. Fit right into the holiday theme of the issue, which was another thing I really liked about it. Just in time for the holidays!
The issue then ends off with Captain Cold buying some kind of plans from another crook, who he ends up freezing. Captain Cold looks pretty funny wearing civilian clothes… and I love it. Now I’m really excited to see what happens in the next issue, Rogues Reloaded!

The Confessional

I won’t lie, I loved this issue. It wasn’t anything special, but it just felt like a classic Flash/Kid Flash story. The holiday theme was perfect and what Kid Flash did for both Barry and Iris as well as Tar Pit and his family seemed to blend well with it. And we got a nice little present in the form of the return of Captain Cold! It may just be because he’s one of my favorite Flash Rogues but that’s ok, I want to know what these plans are and what he’s going to do with them. As for the art, it is a little too clean for my tastes, but is still really well done. Can’t deny talent when you see it. I did enjoy the way Kid Flash and Tar Pit looked though. Art wise, they were my favorites.

Rating: Salvation ★★★★★★★★★★

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