Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Scott Godlewski, Trish Mulvihill

The Boys are Back in Town 

Michael and Sammy are off again to save Santa Carla. They’ve gathered up all the anti-vampire tools and head to the underground hotel the vampires live in. To their surprise the path is blocked by construction workers. Pretty hard to explain why you’re heading to dangerous cliffs with a stake in your hand. Clever as always Sam tells the hard hat wearers that they were playing live action dungeons and dragons. Nice save. But what are they going to do now? Especially since they can’t go to the police since there’s a conspiracy theory that some supernaturals occupy high positions in city hall. Of course the next couple pages confirm this theory completely. Lucy is headed out of town with Laddie and Nanook when she is pulled over. The cop arrests her immediately when Laddie is recognized as a wanted missing child. That is when some official looking lady named Ms. Sanders makes a call that they have Lucy right where they want her.

Elsewhere Star wakes up deep underground. A vampire named Billy comforts Star and treats her with love and kindness. Billy asks Star to drink from her, but she refuses. Star believes she’s not worthy to ‘live forever.’ Billy pushes the thought away quickly and tells Star to look at what she helped accomplish. Then we see it, the lost city of Xibalaba. Billy tells Star that they need to wake all the ancient resting vampires here so that they can take over the world.  Sure doesn’t look like good news to anyone without pointy teeth. Michael and Sam turn back to the boardwalk to find that last vampire hunter Niko Petropoulos. As the saxophone players leave his stage the boys follow and call out to him with no luck. Out of the darkness of the night a lady vampire jumps out to attack Sam. But don’t worry your pretty little head, because Niko knocks her out with his saxophone case. Niko tells the boys to run while he takes care of the dusk demon. The boys run into the crowd trying to hide from other soulless beast when they are shaken by an earthquake. Niko burns the skin of the vampire as she touches him, because all that oil that is on his body is actually holy anointing oils. Clever boy. While the lady vamp is distracted by her flaming flesh, Niko runs a stake through her heart. Michael and Sam jump onto a broken down wooden rollercoaster to get away from the flying vamps attacking them. But then Michael gets swept up and taken away by David himself. Sam tries to grab him but is pushed aside by the vampire from the comic store from earlier. He shoves her in one of the coaster seats and they begin riding the rails. Sam sees that the tracks end at the bottom of the hill so he pushes her back. Just in time Niko grabs him out of the seat and the girl vamp crashes. What a ride, literally! Michael is now at the underground city with Star and Billy and now David. Billy tells Michael that he will be part of the awakening of the sleeping mothers. The mothers need a mixture of blood to come alive again. One of which has to come from a vampire. Even dormant that vampire blood flows through Michael. They also need blood of a male virgin. Billy turns towards two tied up boys in the corner. The Frog brothers are still alive, and apparently still virgins!

The Confessional

There is seriously not one part of this comic I don’t like. It not only does service to the memory of the original Lost Boys, but it takes it to a whole new and awesome level. It takes a lot to actually make me laugh out loud and this comic did on multiple occasions. This movie was such a big part of my childhood I may be seeing through rose colored glasses, but I don’t care. Everyone needs to read this, it’s just that awesome. Each panel flows seamlessly into the next; weaving an enticing story.  There’s action, there’s humor, there’s the possibility of the end of the world, I mean what else do you need in a comic? Every single character is defined and has their own drama plot line happening while blending it all together in one cohesive and awesome story. Again thank you Tim Seeley for bringing this book into my life.

High freaking Holy:

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