Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vigilante Southland #3 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Cary Phillips
Artists: Elena Casagrande, Giulia Brusco, Todd Klein

Now this is what I wanted to see from the get go, Vigilante kicking ass and taking names. Over on dry land Percy gets a break. He finds some hooker that was paid to off a lose end. Who is said payer? None other than Spectors. The big bad guys we all already knew about. Well that happiness was short lived. I am once again getting whip lash from how much this story jumps around. Read three pages had a ‘what just happened’ moment and had to re read them. This is a very busy issue. Vigilante is running from the police. Spector’s trying to cover themselves while also planning for Donnie’s assassination. And other cops are trying to break the case. Oh and there’s a couple panels of a sex slave. Donnie looking to take out his anger about his lack of skill, so he turns to his old mentor. He also wants to inform them about a clue he found in the ocean. Donnie hops back out to sea to get a better idea of the shenanigans going on. Again his lack of skill comes into play and he is way too easily knocked down and forced to pretty much run. Run straight into two furious canines. Death is knocking at his door.

I like the art in this book. It gives off a sense of desperation and feels street savvy. I’ve gotten a better feel for the characters so I’m not as lost as I was on the first issue. The whole book uses dull tones and dark colors to add to the vigilante persona, and I think it works well.

The Confessional

Just like the first issue there is a lot of jumping around. It’s really hard to have a clean, well flowing narrative when scenery and characters change each panel so drastically. Which makes me sad because I think the plot is really interesting and have a lot of components that could easily make it a great story. I’m guessing and hoping that some great tie in is coming our way. But I am fearful that there is not. They are focusing on one detail (Dorrie’s death and Spector’s involvement) but the storyline is so choppy and confusing its hard to jump on board.

Purgatory: ✩ ✩ ✩★★★★★★★

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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