Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Action Comics #972 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Ulises Arreola, Rob Leigh
Price: 2.99 

 The Great Escape 

Backed into a corner Superman are trying to fight their way out of a sticky situation. L’Call and Zade have sent them to a planet with a red son and are trying to kill Lex; all to prevent a prophecy that may happen. Nothing but strategy opens up a window of opportunity for the odd duo to make a quick getaway…for a moment at least. They have to plan and fast. With the red sun high in the sky Superman is weakened. Meaning he won’t win in a fight. The other option is to get back to Earth and bring the fight there. But that means brining unnecessary danger to Earth’s citizens. What in the world are these two going to do? Back on our Earth we have Cheetos Clark at Lois’s door. Quick thinking Lois tells Clark that Jon is her cousins child. Then she promptly shoves him out the door. Jon is bewildered at who this man is. His resemblance to his father is astounding. I hope we find out soon too Jon. Fake Clark also has a feeling that Lois was lying to, will he find out that’s not really Lois?

Back to the Action

Superman and Lex split up in attempt to also split up L’Call and Zade, to hopefully even the playing field. Even without powers Supes is a certified badass. Even Lex is admiring the man. Using their own weapons against them Supes is able to get a moment to speak and plead for Lex’s life. Supers using his overwhelming goodness convinces L’Call to look into his own future and see that there will always be light. After this is done, L’Call lets them go. Back on Earth Lex and Superman come to treaty. Is this a new leaf for Lex? So the world’s future is safe, but is Superman’s? According to what L’Call saw…no.

 The Confessional

THE NEXT ISSUE IS CALLED “THE FINAL DAYS OF CLARK KENT!!” I have been waiting for that little mystery to be solved for a long time! I thought this arc’s conclusion was really well done and flowed nicely. Leaving crumbs for what’s to come, but also creating a new beginning for Lex and Superman. If my math is right issue 1000 should be out in around 4 months. With that coming our way you can’t help but wonder if something big is coming Superman’s way…

High Blessing: ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩

Ariel DuPey | NCR  

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