Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writer: Hope Larson
Artists: Chris Wildgoose, Colors: Mat Lopes
Cover Price: $2.99

Back to Burnside

So Batgirl has returned to Burnside and its back to normal everyday life. Well normal for her anyway. She is getting coffee with her best friend/roommate Frankie and come to find out Frankie is moving in with her girlfriend and also that Babs has to attend a charity event at Club Angelfish. Babs rushes off to class. She’s attending Burnside College to become a librarian and as always she overachieves and proves she belongs there on a daily basis. Now while in class her professor encourages the class to pick up some volunteer work and Babs is on it. She signs up to teach kids coding. Can't be to surprised I mean she is Barbara Gordon.

Club Angelfish

So Babs shows up and Club Angelfish and this place is amazing. I mean they have a fishbowl in the middle of the club you can swim in. I would absolutely visit this place. After meeting up with her friends Babs continues to the bar and orders a dink. She happens to eavesdrop on a couple talking about the actual charity event. The guy actually has a problem with the homeless in Burnside and thinks that something should be done. Babs goes off, rightfully so because these guys were kind of rude. I mean the guy was upset because a homeless man “coughed on him.” I mean I get that its gross but priorities. Anyway who happens to hear Babs telling them what for? None other that Ethan Cobblepot. He was impressed with what Babs said invited her for a drink. Babs recognized his name and asked him if he was related to Oswald Cobblepot and of course Ethan is his son.


Babs decides to call none other than Nightwing himself Dick Grayson to get some advice. She asks if he knew anything about Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot) having a son. Nightwing has never actually heard of this guy but after a few witty puns as only Nightwing can do, Babs says there is a 50/50 chance he is evil. If he's not great at least he is cute, otherwise she gets a chance to do a little recon. Sorry Babs but I kind of want some action so I'm pulling for the bad boy scenario. After she hangs up with Nightwing she spots a couple walking down the street with her. They notice a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk and decide to use an app called “Safe streets” to get this man off the street. Basically you drop a pin on the location and they come pick him up and get him to a shelter. The thing Babs is interested in is who are “they” and why are the picking homeless people up out of the street. She changes and waits out for Safe Street. She actually waits a few hours until two men in a U-Haul come, whack the man upside the head and throws him in the back.


Batgirl follows them to the warehouse district where they meet with a tall blonde haired, business looking woman. She reminds them that she wont accept delivery until she inspects the “merchandise.” They proceed to the back and as they open up surprise! Batgirl busts out of the back and confronts Fright, (the woman) about collection the homeless for her experiments. Come to find out Fright didn't create the app she just signed up as a shelter and no one ever confirmed her credentials. She also revealed the sad truth that no one really cares about the homeless they just want them gone. The homeless guy, Danny, actually knocks fight out so Batgirl could arrest her. They go their separate ways but the question still remained. Who made the Safe streets app? A quick Google search shows that the developer was a company called Vicform and one guess who owns that company. Yep! Ethan Cobblepot. With new information in hand Babs is determined to find out what Ethan is planning. Is he friend or foe?


As much as I don't want to I'm giving this a mediocre score. Insert lots of frowns. I love the Batgirl character and I was really hoping for something different with this rebirth but I was highly disappointed. All Batgirl standalone story lines are almost the same just change a few characters and minor details and bam. I want to see the raw, broken down, fierce Batgirl. For me I have never seen Batgirl as this super cheery character, not that she's bitter but I want to see the dark story line for her. Kind of like the Killing Joke. I don't want to torture her or make her seem week by any means, actually I want to see her fiercer. I like the art but again it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I did get excited about the fish bowl but I think it was because I saw a different color besides yellow. I know that probably sounds crazy but throughout this whole rebirth I feel like the only color that was used was yellow so it was kind of nice in the fishbowl scene for them to switch to blue. I do want to see where this Son of Penguin story goes but please in the future DC give me some dark Barbara Gordon.

Low Blessing: ★★★★★✩✩✩✩✩

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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