Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads
Price: $2.99

Rooftops part 2…

The issue starts with our two lovebirds after they have done the nasty, lying together on a rooftop thinking about the first time they met. Batman thinks it was on a boat, Catwoman thinks the street, he thinks she was in disguise, she thinks he was in disguise etc. and so on. Personally I thought the flashback panels of their first encounter were one the best parts of the issue. I really enjoyed the way they had an old school style to them. They finish remembering, say they love each other and Catwoman falls off the roof to her escape. Obviously.

Detective Mode…

Batman figures out that his only lead on Catwoman is the name she was using to lease the apartment she got them to steal from last issue, Holly Robinson. Turns out she is an orphan that has a past with Catwoman. Batman tracks her down to get information on Catwoman but when Holly goes for her phone, she pulls a knife and slashes Batman’s throat! Batman stumbles out the window and almost falls to his death but is saved by none other than

Everything Wrapped Up into a Nice Little Package...

Catwoman goes on to explain that Holly and her met when they were very young and that she trained Holly. She did this because she saw a lot of anger in Holly and wanted to teach her how to control it. Unfortunately, when the orphanage was burnt down, Holly couldn’t control the anger and ended up killing… 237 people. Catwoman goes on to explain that she has always been there to help Holly, talking about taking the blame for the murders, but now that Holly has hurt Bruce she has to let her go. At least that’s what I got from it. It was a little confusing. Holly just leaves on an airplane while Catwoman tells Alfred to let Bruce know when he wakes up that the first place they met was the street.

The issue ends with Batman talking to Alfred about something that Catwoman stole from him. Alfred has no idea what he is talking about much like the reader, but it turns out that Catwoman stole the night from him. I guess this means whenever he goes out to be Batman he will never be able to stop thinking about her? She spoiled his fun being Batman? I don’t know, some of this issue was a little confusing.

The Confessional

This was not a great issue. I enjoyed very little about it. Batman letting Catwoman get away? Tisk tisk. The flashback panels were very entertaining how they were made to look like old comics from the 50’s. The reason behind Catwoman being innocent and not actually being a murderer was interesting. Curious if she’ll come clean about Holly. I’m hoping we'll find out if Gotham Girl is okay or not. Maybe? Do we still care Batman? The art in this issue was a major downfall. In some panels, faces looked off. Like the opening panel with Batman and Catwoman, Catwoman’s face doesn’t look right. Looks very rushed in some panels. 

Rating: Purgatory ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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