Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Batman Beyond #4 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Pete Woods
Price: $2.99

Sticky Situation…

We start the issue right where we left off with Terry and Dana hanging upside down with a mob of Jokerz slingshotting packets of acid at them. While hanging there, Terry notices his little brother Matt running through a side door into the building Terry and Dana are hanging from. During his time hanging out, Terry reflects on how he misses Bruce and how he used to help get Terry through these kinds of situations. But Terry pulls through. Luckily he has a knife of sorts in his belt, uses it to free himself and gets him and Dana onto the roof where they meet Matt and a couple of Jokerz. After taking care of the Jokerz, Matt gives Terry a new suit that he and Max found in the cave. 

A New Suit…

This suit looks badass I must say. Just little details like the addition of more red going up the arms and legs. Even the eyes look better, they were too big before. While this is going on the Jokerz inside
the building are making their way to the roof to take him down. Which of course is the perfect chance to put the new suit into action. Lighter wings, mini stun grenades and even an automatic radar system. Not even the Bane Joker could stop Terry and his new Batsuit. The only problem I have is that Terry seems to depend on his suit and gadgets too much. If Bruce Wayne was caught without those things, he would still have more than a chance because of his skills and training. Get on it Terry!

The Moment of Truth…

This is also the issue where Dana finally finds out that Terry is Batman. After all these years the truth is known. Of course she doesn’t want to hear any excuses for why he didn’t tell her. Same old song and dance there but as Matt points out, Terminal is still downstairs in the building. But not by the time they get there. All that’s left is evidence that it’s not the Joker that Terminal has in his possession but Bruce Wayne!

The Confessional

For the most part I’m quite enjoying this series so far. It had a little bit of a rocky start but picked up nicely. It’s been keeping me intrigued and looking forward to what’s coming next. Although I do kind of wish it was the Joker Terminal had in his possession but that’s just me. Still cool that it’s Bruce and it makes a lot more sense with how Terminal is paying for everything. The art in this issue is decent. Some panels could use a bit more attention to the background but the characters, colors and shading all looked good.

Rating: Holy ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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