Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Batman Detective Comics #948 SPOILER REVEIW

Writer: James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Ben Oliver

Batwoman Begins…

The issue starts with a flashback of Batwomans early days and we see her on a rooftop getting ready to use a grappling hook for the first time. She is keeping in contact with her father at this point who is talking her through it. She’s going to lose him if she doesn’t go for it. She does. And we find out that she is following Batman. Perched high up, far far away, Batwoman tries to spot him on the roof of a bank. As soon as she gets eyes on him, Batman knows she is there and she loses him. She returns home frustrated thinking that if she can’t keep up with Batman then she can’t do what she needs to do. Her father then proceeds to tell her that if Batwoman is going to work, it needs to be something different than Batman. Of course he could just want to use her as his own personal soldier.

Gotham City. Now…

Batman needs Batwoman to meet him at the Argus Excavation Site where the remains of one of the monsters that attacked Gotham lies rotting. She wonders why they haven’t disposed of it and it turns out it’s not so easy. The remains are causing mutations such as seagulls merging with human corpses. Yummy. They are greeted by Dr. Victoria October, who proceeds to tell them that the monsters carry a toxin that can be used to create more monsters (please god no) and that is why they can’t dispose of it. But that’s not the only reason why she called on them. It turns out 3 canisters of the toxin have been stolen by The Colony.

Back at the Belfry…

The same figure that was seen stealing the canisters then breaks into the Belfry in an attempt to break out Batwoman’s father. Of course he is intervened by Batman and Batwoman, but they may have some trouble taking him down. He claims to have studied each one of them for years and knows how to counter their attacks. He’s basically a one-man army that is sent to do the dirty work when the Colony can’t send an army. I look forward to seeing just how skilled he is. But that will have to wait until next issue, which is called War Criminal and I’m not quite sure if that’s this character’s name or what but we shall see.


The Confessional

This issue wasn’t anything very exciting. I enjoyed the flashback in the beginning with Batwoman following Batman and getting found out. I really hope this monster stuff doesn’t continue into another Night of the Monster Men. I would think DC would have learned from that nightmare. The best part of this issue to me was the art. Hands down fantastic. The expressions on Batman and Batwomans faces are done so well and the colors are near perfect. Definitely the highlight of the issue.

Rating: Blessing ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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