Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writers: Keith Giffen
Art: Scott Kolins, Colors: Romulo Fajaroo Jr., Letters: Josh Reed
Price: $2.99

The Best Laid Plans:

We start this issue with Blur bringing Rico to see Dr. Reyes, when a man in a suit walks straight back there and BOOM the Green Beetle (Mordecai) grabs the Dr. Reyes. Blur jumps in to save Dr. Reyes and they get away for a while, but when Jaime see what's going down he has a meltdown, it's going after his mother. Jaime walked right into his trap, as we find out Mordecai isn't actually after his mother, he is after Jaime. Blur takes Dr. Reyes off to safety, but her powers don't always work as planned and Blur and Dr. Reyes are separated.

Mordecai has Jaime right where he wants him, wrapped up in a stasis spell he starts to remove the Blue Beetle Scarab off of Jaime, noting that Jaime is unlikely to survive the removal of the Scarab because the change has begun. Right when you begin to think that all hope is lost for our hero, The Posse come in to save the day, well at least Jaime. While all of this is happening Ted Kord is organizing a rescue mission for the rest of Jaime's family, trying to make sure they are in a safe place and Mordecai has no way to get to them. Jaime is pissed, this Green Beetle dude comes out of nowhere and goes after HIS mom, he has to pay. Jaime takes aim with a blast cannon that grew on his back and BLASTS Mordecai, but before our hero can take out Mordecai, the “Master” calls him to attend him, so instead of blasting away the big bad Green Beetle he
blasts a crater in the middle of the city. We end this issue with Mordecai being chastised by the “Master” and Doctor Fate flying off somewhere.

The Confessional

I really enjoyed this book, which it is a shame that I didn't pick it up sooner. Giffen does a great job mixing teenage drama with action in this whole series and the art of Kolins is outstanding. I have nothing bad to say about this book at all, but my biggest question is this: If Doctor Fate tried convincing Ted Kord to kill Jaime because the Scarab on this back is dangerous, what would he say about Mortecai? Is Doctor Fate “Master”? To find out this and more you'll have to keep reading this series.

High Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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