Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Writer: John Semper Jr.Artists: Tony Kordos, Will Conrad and Paul Pelletier
Price: $2.99

Like, the thing about being a good thief is…

In this issue we are introduced to Xenophon “Exxy” Clark, a thief who is in the middle of running away from the police. I quite enjoyed Exxy’s dialogue here as he tells the reader what he thinks makes a good thief… right before running into a dead end and getting busted by a dirty cop. Who is just about to give Exxy a little beating but is stopped by Cyborg. Turns out this isn’t the first time this dirty cop has been caught using excessive use of force. Oh that’s right, I said Cyborg. It hurt my head a little bit as well. I thought he was captured by fake dad last issue no? So... is this really Cyborg? Let’s keep reading and find out shall we!

Breaking into S.T.A.R Labs…

While Cyborg Is chatting with the cops, Exxy runs away only to run into… Cyborg. Exxy doesn’t understand what Cyborg wants with him, so he goes on to explain that he needs Exxy to help him break into S.T.A.R Labs. Exxy is just the man for the job, he’s the best B&E in Detroit! But… S.T.A.R Labs is Cyborg’s crib? Why does he need someone to break into it? I found all this fun because it kept throwing me off with what must be going on with Cyborg. I like a little mystery in my comics. Cyborg claims this is a test and if Exxy can do it, there’s something bigger he needs to do as well. What if he gets caught? Well it’s Cyborg’s house. What about blueprints? Cyborg has blueprints! Exxy agrees. Pretty simple for the most part, Exxy finds a hidden vent with X-Ray glasses (no not the kind from the old comic books as he puts it!) and climbs through. He has to get by some robotic piranhas, but he manages.

Ohhh… Okay…

Now we find Exxy and Cyborg inside of S.T.A.R Labs (oh yeah, Cyborg was waiting for Exxy in the vents… that’s right!) where Exxy is given his next task. Getting a combination lock open which he does with a homemade gadget he put together. The way the two of them talk to each other during these panels feels a bit like a superhero and sidekick thing is going on. Maybe? Now that the door is open we find out that Cyborg is really lying on a table turned off and that we’ve been seeing a hologram this entire time! Made possible by a little flying soccer ball looking thing that also look’s like it’s right out of a Star Wars movie. Exxy is now given his final task of turning Cyborg back on which he obviously does.

The two are then attacked by guards and try to escape via boom tube but we find out that Cyborg has lost all of his major functions. They’ve been crippled by fake dad who confronts them and like all bad guys, tells them to give up. They run for it instead to rescue Lady Cyborg which is a big mistake because fake dad confronts Cyborg with a shit ton of crazy robot arms and tells Cyborg and his real father that his name is… O.T.A.C! I won’t lie I don’t know who that is so just another reason for me to look forward to The Origin of Anomaly!

The Confessional

This series has been my first real look into the Cyborg character and I think it has been great so far. This issue was no different. I think it may be one of my favorite Cyborg issues so far. I enjoyed the new character Exxy and his relationship with Cyborg. I said it before, but I liked the superhero/sidekick feel that was hinted. And I look forward to finding out more about this O.T.A.C. All that we really know is that he is a past experiment of Cyborg’s fathers. Maybe the first attempt at creating a Cyborg? Time will tell. As for the art, I thought it was a lot better in this issue. I think in the past I’ve said issues have lacked detail but in this issue, there is just enough. And the colors and shading are well done.

Rating: Salvation ★★★★★★★★★★

Brandon Reid | NCR

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