Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gotham Academy #5 SPOILER REVIEW

Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl
Artists: Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, Msassyk, Serge Lapointe, Steve Wands
Price: $2.99

Second Semester

Ok I’m going to go into this book with an open mind and positive vibes. Ready…Go. Not your average school since a teacher is attempting to stop two child thieves with a sword disguised as a cane. We begin our adolescent adventure. Colton and his tech savvy ways unleashes a cloud of fog and him and Pomeline do a disappearing act away from said teacher. In a secret part of the library Colton finds a mysterious map that just might come in handy. Sadly for him, on his way out he crashes into Headmaster Hammer, who promptly takes his map back and proceeds to inform Colton of the big trouble he’s in. So far all the adult supervision in this book seem a little unpleasant. Don’t sign me up. On his way out a warning from Haxan tells him to run as far away as he can. This is the same lady who kidnapped and brainwashed a bunch of kids to perform a book burning. So I don’t know if I’d take her advice.

A Plan unfolds

Colton’s friends desperately try devise a plan to save him from expulsion. At the same time, they try to figure out why a simple map has caused so much trouble. Other than a suspicious symbol they still can’t connect all the shenanigans that are going on. To the rescue is Pom’s mom Anaica Fritch Esquire, she has delayed Colton’s expulsion and has gotten a hearing scheduled to clear his name. In another room some kid is going mad scientist crazy exclaiming that everyone will pay for burning his books. This actually might be another teacher; they all just look so young. At the hearing the infamous Bruce Wayne decides to show up. I’m glad there is at least one character I recognize. Will the truth come to the light? Mr. Scarlet is questioned about the map and the lack of writing on the pictures of it. That’s when Bruce finds a revelation that the map is still missing. Elsewhere in the school Pom and a vampire boy have the stolen map and are trying to figure out the symbols on it. They realize that the symbols on the map lay out a hidden trail that leads to the Book of Old Gotham. Its up to them to find the book before someone evil gets their hands on it.

 The Confessional

I had to keep repeating to myself that this book’s intended audience is kids. That said I think that its probably a great way to get young kids introduced to the world of Gotham. You still have your evil and villainous masterminds, but not so gruesome that it might traumatize a young mind. There’s mystery and a bunch of little kids with big personalities taking meddling to a whole new level. I don’t think its fair for me to rate this book because I’m not the anticipated audience. I was a little bored, but I’d think this is a great book for the youngsters. So go ahead and grab it and let the comic addiction for your children begin.

Ariel DuPey | NCR

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