Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Green Arrow #14 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artists: Eleonora Carlini, Carlos Rodriguez and Gus Vasquez
Price: $2.99

Emerald Outlaw…

So we begin right where we left off last issue with Black Canary retrieving the fake green arrow that was used to frame Oliver. In order to do so she has to go undercover as a cop to take it out of evidence lockup. Right when she finds it and then she sends an image to Diggle, she gets called to go after the Green Arrow. Meanwhile Oliver is surrounded by a stadium of angry people who believe he just shot and killed a star football player. Oliver points out to everyone that it was in fact the archer that can be spotted in the rafters of the stadium.

Let’s do this…

Oliver chases after the mystery archer, who continues to kill people in his way with green arrows.
Oliver chases the archer towards the roof of the stadium while down below, Black Canary and the rest of the Seattle police are told by a blimp pilot that Oliver and the mystery archer are on the roof. Oliver at this point is facing off against the mystery archer. Finally we find out from the mystery archer that he is Tommy’s father, Malcolm Merlyn! The original Dark Archer! The art done on Merlyn is really well done as well. Looks just how I picture him in my head. Fighting continues as Merlyn lectures Oliver about how in the League of Assassins he had to dig his own grave as a lesson about saying goodbye to his old life. Merlyn continues to tell Oliver that he has yet to do the same. Oliver is still in his grave. And as much as this all seemed a bit too familiar, I still enjoyed it.

Once a hero, always a hero…

Now the police and undercover Black Canary make their way to the roof and surround Oliver and Merlyn. Oliver gives Canary the signal and after the police chief realizes his stupidity, she does a little canary cry throwing everyone off guard. So Merlyn takes his chance and shoots an arrow towards the chief. But this wouldn’t be a superhero comic without a hero saving the day. Which is exactly what Oliver does by throwing himself in front of the arrow. This gives Merlyn enough time to shoot a rope arrow into the blimp and fly off. The police chief is all confused about Green Arrow sacrificing himself for him. Guess Green Arrow’s not the bad guy after all Seattle!

The Confessional

As much as I enjoyed this issue, story wise it felt like recycled material. I almost thought Green Arrow and Merlyn would have faced off right on top of the flying blimp! I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue because I’m curious to see the aftermath of this arc. Will Seattle still be a little iffy about Green Arrow? Or will they see him as a hero? Also the art was great. It has definitely gotten better the last couple issues. Just a little bit more detail here and there makes all the difference and that difference was achieved.

Rating: Blessing ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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