Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Green Arrow #15 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Price: $2.99

Green Arrow gets the Blues…

Throughout this issue, Oliver is blaming himself for all the bad that has happened in the last few issues. There’s a vigilante murdering squad responsible for attacks on criminals, a man child running for mayor, the Dark Archer, and Cyrus Broderick, a man who has stolen his company. All this is really starting to weigh on Oliver but luckily he has his Canary there to comfort and hold him. The art in this issue is fantastic. One of the first panels where we see Green Arrow jumping out of a hospital window with the moon behind him, perfect. The colors and shading are incredibly well done.

The Vice Squad…

While this is going on, we get a back and forth between Oliver and an attack that is happening at the jail. The ones responsible for the attack are the Vice Squad, let by ex-dirty cop Sergeant Notting. Their mission is to just kill all the criminals in the city. At one point it looks as though one of Nottings men don’t want to go through with killing fish in a barrel. But Notting convinces him to follow through and kill the inmate, but luckily more police arrive and shoot him right in the eye. The Vice Squad decide to make a run for it but while trying to get away in their military vehicle of sorts, they are interrupted by our heroes. The art is the best during this scene with the gun fire, street reflections and I love it. 

Surprise Surprise…

Black Canary sends a little Canary Call into the military vehicle, making Notting overly angry to the point where he stops the vehicle and gets out to take everyone down. Notting has a gun right up under Green Arrow’s chin while Green Arrow tries to explain to him that he knows how he feels. He understands Nottings frustration with the justice system. But Notting wants nothing to do with what he has to say and just before he shoots Green Arrow, the Vice Squad gets bombarded with arrows. By who you say? Emi! I mean Red Arrow!

The Confessional

Really enjoying this story arc. It was a little too familiar at first and still is a little familiar, but it’s still fresh in it’s own way. Which is what I like. Notting isn’t the perfect villain, but the Vice Squad fit really well into the story and what’s going on with Seattle. Classic ending of course with a character returning and saving the day, I enjoyed that as well. Interested to see where that goes next issue. Then there is the art. FANTASTIC! Definitely a step up from previous issues and probably one of my favorite issues art wise.

Rating: Salvation ★★★★★★★★★☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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