Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Green Lanterns #15 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Miguel Mendona, Scott Hanna, Blond, Dave Sharpe

A Day in the Life

What is it like to start every day with a battle with yourself? For Jessica it’s an obstacle she has to overcome over and over again. Simon may try his best to help her but he can’t always know what to say or do for his friend. Sometimes he gets frustrated, not realizing that this is something that will always be present in her life. With little time to dwell on her issues Jessica is called off into battle.

Fighting Fair

A gold fish looking beast is tormenting the city and it’s up to them to save the day. Jessica, now has
the ability to make constructs, slowly starts to earn her keep among the League members. Around the world she helps Simon save the day with ease. You wouldn’t even guess that she has such a dark passenger along for the ride; anxiety. When it comes to saving people she’s one of the best.

Just when things are getting better a panic attack freezes her in a fight. Her fears and self doubts come and haunt her. She wonders if she will ever be able to beat her greatest enemy. After being confronted by Simon they get a call from Batman…he needs their help….


 The Confessional

This issue was an interesting one for me to read. I like it…but I wish it would have come before the last issue. I think all us readers have been wanting a closer look at Jessica. She’s so relatable, her stories can stir up your own memories of being frozen with anxiety. Most people have to deal with anxiety or self doubt. With that said I was sooooo excited when she put on the white ring and remained a Green Lantern. I was like “yeah this is it, this is where Jessica gets the confidence she needs to be the bad ass I know she is,” but now this issue felt like it back tracked. I do think it is important to know that anxiety isn’t something that is just fixed, but It can be overcome, and I really want to see Jessica reach that point. Overall good issue, nice insight, just ready for the next big thing for her. Hopefully Batman will bring it out.

High Blessing: ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩

Ariel DuPey | NCR

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