Wednesday, January 18, 2017

JLA: The Ray Rebirth #1 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Steve Orlando
Art and Color: Stephen Byrne
Cover Price: $2.99

Night Boy

This is the story of Ray, a child who just wants to be like every other kid out there. Unfortunately for our young character he has a deadly allergy to all light, so his only companion is television. We start this story years ago and it is Rays birthday, all he wants for his birthday is candles on his cake, which infuriates his mother. He knows he is allergic to all sources of light; she actually seems really mean to me with this section of the book. Ray is a kid, who wants to be like every other kid, which she then tries to make Ray feel guilty by telling him she is stuck in this house too and her only connection to the outside world is one window. Her reaction when he suggests that his one friend comes over is even worse, like I'm sorry, if I knew my kid had some crazy allergy to light I would make sure a camera with a flash never made it into my house. Finally, to top how worst mother of the year, she leaves him alone on his birthday...


Ten Years Later

We flash forward ten years and Ray has had enough, he cuts his hair, gets into a fight with his mother and leaves through the one window in their house. Now mixed in with all of this Ray is writing letters to his one friend Caden, who is mother basically banned him from seeing over ten years ago. His letters that he writes to Caden move the story along, you find out that Ray is gay, he has the same interests as his dad did, he got his allergy to light from his dad, and how he is finally sick of being stuck in the dark. Hours later he is walking around where he runs into some kids who call him over. He introduces himself and goes to shake one of their hands when out of nowhere he bursts into light and then VWIP, disappears.


The Invisible Man

Fast forward four more years, he is writing another letter to Caden, where he breaks down what he knows about his abilities so far: Light feeds him, he doesn't need to eat or sleep, but if he stores too much up he explodes. He can move light and use light and if he focuses he can create things with the light. He can turn himself invisible and he can fly. It turns out he has spent his entire childhood locked away from the world, now that he is free he spends his life invisible basically watching human interaction from a distance because he has never had a reason to let people see him. During this letter he flies to Vanity, Oregon where he sees the face of an old friend on a campaign poster: Caden Zapote. Ray flies over to see his long lost friend give a campaign speech, when a crazy guy from the Sons of Liberty tries to attack Caden. Ray can't let his friend get hurt so he decides to step out into the light and attacks the guy. His powers are amazing, turns his attacker invisible and absorbs his light and knocks him out. This is the point where Ray decides he is done hiding in the dark.

The Confessional

This story is fantastic; it moves along at a quick pace but it still lets you learn about our new hero. The art is amazing, and my favorite panels are the ones where Ray is glowing. Mr. Orlando you are outdoing yourself with these Justice League of America character intro books and have completely won me over to believing that upcoming Justice League of America is a must pick up.

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR 

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