Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Justice League #13 SPOILER REVIEW

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Tie-In
Writer: Tim Seeley, Penciller: Scott Eaton, Inker: Wayne Faucher, Colorist: Gabe Eltaer

While This Will Contain Spoilers:

This issue of Justice League is NOT to be read until you have read Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #5, so I will give you a minute to catch up...

Now that you are caught up as to what is going on in this story prepare to be confused. Tim Seeley I am not sure if you are a genius and I just can't understand what went on, or if you rushed this story because you needed to get it done on time. This story is all about Steve Trevor in the aftermath of Max Lord using the Heart of Darkness to take over the United States in thirty minutes. The Heart of Darkness has made everyone live out their deepest darkest fantasies, taking Max Lord's power of persuasion and taking it to a whole new level. Steve is under attack because the effects of the Heart of Darkness is turning into crazy cannibals (seeing as everyone wants to know what other people's blood tastes like). Steve is desperate to get home to find out if his sister and her kids are okay. The adventure through the city is about the same as it was in The Picket, The Heart of Darkness is taking over the whole population as soon as they have a dark thought. It also seems like everyone who is effected by The Heart of Darkness is vampire like, being that UV light is the best way to fight them.

Was it all in his head?

The next scene we have of any importance in this issue is with Eclipso and Steve. Steve has been fighting him so hard, testing him, showing his strong power of will, because only one thing is certain: The sun always rises. Unfortunately for Steve Trevor the sun may have risen, but it has been eclipsed by something.

The Confessional

While this story was confusing as to whether any of this actually happened or if this was all in his head while Eclipso is trying to take control of him. I am going to go with the thought that it is real, so my follow up question would be: if Steve Trevor has that much will that he can fight Eclipso's power for as long as he did why is that our Green Lanterns were taken over with ease since, you know, they harness the power of will. Mr. Seeley, you have confused me completely and I am left with more questions after reading this than I had going into it. The art on the other hand was AMAZING and easily makes this book a must read.

Blessing: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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