Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Justice League/ Power Rangers #1 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Price: $3.99

A Look Ahead…

The issue starts with Angelgrove being shown as a giant crater in the ground with Zack, who is the Black Power Ranger, claiming that it is all his fault. Superman then tells him that he can’t blame himself and that they already know who did it. These first couple pages sucked me right in just like they were supposed to. Now we rewind 36 hours to the Power Rangers Command Centre where the Rangers are waiting on Zack to arrive so they can go and search for Alpha 5 who has gone missing. Zack is the one to find Alpha 5 and teleports him back to the Command Centre as fast as possible because Alpha 5 has been damaged. But when Zordon sees Alpha 5, he knows it’s a bomb and before Zack can get it out of the Command Centre, it goes off. Now there is a breach and Lord Zedd and group of Puddies get in to bring an end to Zordon once and for all.

Far, far, away…

Zack was able to survive the bomb blast and tries to stop Lord Zedd. He comes up with a good idea and decides to teleport him and the Puddies out of the Command Centre. Unfortunately, the teleporter was damaged in the blast and you guest it, it sends them to Gotham instead. This seems to be the main way to crossover two comic book series. Very similar to TMNT/Batman. In Gotham, Zack is greeted by Batman, who tries to help Zack out. Batman can see that Zack has been severely hurt but Zack thinks Batman is another one of Lord Zedd’s monsters. So he decides to fight him instead.


At this point the other Rangers have found out what happened to Zack and teleport after him. They join the fight against Batman who starts to call in reinforcements of his own to help him out. Introducing The Flash to the story. Who does a classic Flash move, shows up and just takes away the Rangers’ weapons before they even know what happened. Batman uses this opportunity to get into the Batmobile and fire an explosive at the Rangers. The next part was probably my favorite. The Pink Ranger calls on her Dinozord (which is a Pink Pterodactyl) and grabs the Batmobile and starts flying away. The Flash calls on the help of the rest of the League and end story.

The Confessional

This issue was okay. Very generic for the first issue of a crossover series. Portal somehow opens, one person gets sucked through, meets Batman, fights Batman, then the rest of the team show up. Very similar to the TMNT crossover like I mentioned. It was amusing when Zack refused to believe that Batman was one of Lord Zedd’s monsters. I know he looks scary and everything but you can still obviously tell that Batman is a human. The art was really well done. Another highlight of the issue. Not my favorite style of art, but there is obviously talent. Details good, shadings good, colors could be a little brighter in some panels/on the Power Ranger. But other than that, I do look forward to the rest of the series.

Rating: Blessing ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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