Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5 SPOILER REVIEW

Joshua Williamson- Story
Robson Rocha – Art, Alex Sinclair with Jeremiah Skipper- Color
Cover Price: $3.99

The United States is Safe...

We start off this action packed issue with a brainwashed Justice League carrying out the wishes of Max Lord/Heart of Darkness. Flash disarms all weapons of mass destruction, the Green Lanterns created a force field over the Earth to protect it from aliens, Wonder Woman kidnapped our leaders, Aquaman secured the oceans and ports, cyborg took hold of communications, and of course Superman took over the White House. (Insert eye roll here) Side note: I'm not the biggest Superman fan. Anyway The United States is now “safe” all within thirteen minutes. I did get a little satisfaction when Max Lord told Superman he was a bore and sent him off to fetch Amanda Waller. Which brings us back to Belle Reve.


We shoot back to Waller, Batman who wasn't effected by the diamond, and Deadshot. Oh and of course the “dead” body of Lobo. I'm unsure why Batman wasn't effected, I'm wanting to say that it was because he wasn't with the rest of Justice League but I'm sure there is a more in depth explanation. Anyway, back to our people, they are trapped and of course all communication has been severed. Even Wayne technology is worthless. While they are trying to find their way out Waller explains what the Diamond is and why she hid it. Basically she buried it to keep it safe so that it could never be used as a weapon. Right as Deadshot and Batman start to fight, again, brain washed Superman bursts in. He insults Bats and kidnaps Waller for Max Lord. As Superman flies away, Lobo regenerates his head and is pretty upset that Batman blew his head off. Of course Batman said he has plan and that blowing his head off was the only was to free Lobo of Max Lords coercion. He agrees and they go to meet up with the rest of the Squad. They find them beating up Cyborg who appears to be having some sort of malfunction. Batman stops them and Cyborg explains that he set up security software in case he was ever compromised. He also explains what’s going on with Max Lord. He also talks more about the diamond and says that he is connected with it and that he can feel it controlling him. It's not looking to good for our Squad at this point.


We immediately jump to Waller and Lord in what looks like the Oval Office. Waller tries to warn Lord that the diamond will infect him but I think we are already starting to see that as Max Lord starts to have to voices. Lord explains that with the diamond he can control even the strongest of minds. He tried to brag about how he has taken over the world with minimal bloodshed but you can really see him start to crack under the weight of the diamond.

A New Justice League?

Ok so not really but hey. So we cut back to our squad who is still talking to Cyborg about how to stop the diamond and Max Lord. Basically this diamond is bad news and it has never linked to someone with Max Lords super powers. Batman asks Cyborg to whiz him over to Max Lords position and Killer Frosts chimes in telling Batman that the squad is going. All are in and ready to fight, and one of the best things happens. Deadshot tells batman that they do what they do because they are the Suicide Squad, basically that they know any fight they go into their chances of coming back out are slim to none. Batman responds that they aren't going as the Suicide Squad but as The Justice League. We also get this great splash page that makes me happy.

The New Free World

So we cut back to Waller and Lord. Lord is jumping up and down claiming that he has brought peace to the United States. Next page we get this great double spread where Lord is smiling very proudly while showing off what he has done, which is civilians running amok. Fire and destruction. This is what he is calling free. Waller slaps the sense back into him for just a second and he realizes what’s going on. Its like a light bulb went off for a second and Max Lord sees the devastation. We also see him crack, he starts talking about the voices in his head and even begs Waller for help. And in comes the Suicide Squad, whoops I mean the Justice League. At this point my adrenaline is pumping and these panels are coming to life. The of course meet the brainwashed Justice League and engage in an all out battle. Max Lord regurgitates the black looking stuff, kind of like that demon vomit you see in exorcist movies, and BAM the world now belongs to Eclipso and he vows to corrupt all creation.


OH MY GOSH!! I have no nails after reading this issue guys. The artwork is amazing but honestly after the no chin of Amanda Waller in the last Suicide Squad tie in, I think my 6-year-old could have done better. Anyway I am so glad that they did this issue exactly how I had hoped and packed it completely full of nonstop action. I felt it was so fast paced but in a completely good way. I loved the splash pages, there may have been a few to many of them but at least the art was good and all tied into the story perfect and did what splash pages are meant to do and enhanced the story versus lets just take up some space. Something that really stuck out to me was the lettering. Where Cyborgs interface boots up and you start seeing that different lettering. I really think that also enhanced the story as you are reading it. I personally really love the little details like that because it helps me really dig into the story. I am loving the way this story is going and am sitting on the edge of my seat for the last issue. Overall I am giving it a 10 out 10 because it had me completely captivated and engrossed. I literally could not pull away.

Salvation; ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Corrianne Hamlin NCR

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