Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #6 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Joshua WilliamsonArtists: Howard Porter, Color: Alex Sinclair
Cover Price: $3.99

Deep Thoughts

We pick up exactly where we left off as Eclipso is destroying the world with the Justice League by his side. He starts even picking the Squad off one by one, penetrating their deepest thoughts and fears and using that to control them. Eclipso gets to Amanda Waller and Batman has an epiphany. Waller use sunlight to keep the diamond at bay. Batman has Killer Frost build a prism to reflect the sun coming from Superman’s cells. What’s worse is they have one shot and all that is left that isn't being mind controlled is Batman, Frost and Lobo. The plan is to have Lobo distract them while Batman and Killer Frost build the prism and attract Superman. Killer Frost builds the prism and Batman provokes Superman into using his vision and bam the light from the ray bounces off the prism and it works. We finally have our league and squad back. Its not over yet, Frost is having a hard time holding on to the prism to keep it from melting. Batman offers her his life force but she hesitates because she knows it will kill him. The League has a better idea; they all offer up their life force for Caitlyn to use. In the middle of her taking the life force Eclipso swoops in and penetrates her mind in an attempt to stop their plan. Eclipso tries to make Caitlyn reach deep down to find her darkest desire. The only issue with this plan is Caitlyn only wants to make a difference so the plan backfires and Killer Frost hits Eclipso with all she's got ultimately sacrificing herself to save the world. Waller orders her to finish Max Lord and completely drain his life force so she could live. Frost refuses and quits the Suicide Squad.

Back to Belle Reve

So the squad is back home and all is well that ends well. The league and the squad are actually being all chummy and socializing. Caitlyn isn't dead but she is in the infirmary chatting with Superman. She talks about how all she ever wanted was to help people and make a difference. It's why she became a scientist. She feared when she became Killer Frost all that had been taken away. When Eclipso looked into her mind to find fear all he found was hope and in that moment she realized it didn't matter if she lived or died, she had to stop Eclipso. Awwww!!! Even though she felt like that was suicide Superman explains that it was sacrifice.


With Caitlyn sacrificing herself to save the world, Batman is demanding Waller release Frost to him. Of course Waller refused supposedly because she is a killer and evil but we all know Waller is manipulative and wants her for herself but I mean who really can refuse Batman. Overall Batman told Waller that because of Killer Frost he sees the value of Task Force X and that there is room for both teams. Next is Lobo, Batman confronts him just before he runs away. As much as Lobo doesn’t want to Batman convinces him to join the Justice League. Well maybe not convince but Lobo does kind of owe Batman right?

The End

Waller had Max Lord locked in this sphere looking cell. He starts to explain how he received intel about the diamond and the first Suicide Squad and how he was convinced they would help him bring peace to the world. He was shocked about the League working with the Suicide Squad but nothing was as shocking (well not really) as learning the Waller set up Max Lord. She tipped him off about the first Squad and she pointed him to the Diamond. All because Batman was going after the Squad. The dangerous part is all the loose ends. Emerald Empress is on the run; Johnny Sorrow's mask is still out there. Doctor Polaris is still out there and Rustam is going to seek revenge. Not to mention the diamond is missing as well. What Max Lords question is why not just kill him? Because Amanda Waller has a new force she’s putting together, Task Force XI.


I've been excited for this for two weeks and I was not disappointed. All the setups at the end had me jumping literally. I knew Amanda Waller was slick but never expected her to be that slick. I'm also loving this build up because eventually she’s going to fall and the higher she gets the farther she’s going to crash and burn. I feel like the structure of the finale was close to perfect. Starts with the action and the battle finale and ends on a climatic note. Here lately finales have just ended and that was that, there was not guessing what’s next because its just ended but this actually ended with the “what’s next?” question. Perfect set up. I also love how edgy the art was. That is my idea of comic book art is that edgy feel. The colors were great too, that bright yet dim in some scenes was fantastic. Absolutely a salvation!!

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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