Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writer: Jason Latour
Art: Chris Brunner, Color: Rico RenziPrice: $3.99

Criminal Love

Welcome to this four-part southern crime romance mini-series, where we take an adventure in my home state of North Carolina, where we start off with Sonny Gibson, ex-military and drug runner, sitting outside of a local dive bar by the payphone. He was waiting for a call, because as soon as the payphone rang he hops out of the car to take the call. It's the guy he runs for, telling him he has some business but he'll get the stuff to him. We flashback to a scene with Rej and Sonny, where Rej basically blackmails Sonny into helping him out, into meeting his contacts and running drugs with him. Flashing back to current day, we are back at the dive bar where Kim walks outside to find Sonny. This is the business that is tying him up from making his drug run on time, because he wants to give the mother of his child, Kim, money. Her response is one, that I imagine would be common, was to punch him straight in the mouth. He shows her the giant pile of cash in his trunk, and the following sequence I am wondering if it has a typo in it because it doesn't make sense to me, so he gives her money for the boy, shows her more money to prove to her that he's serious and then tells her he's rather be short than ever see her again. If it's a typo I get it but that dialogue doesn't make much sense to me if that is how it is supposed to read. Well, since we are at a bar of course Sonny is just going to keep drinking, and we walk into an attempted rape scene, and is getting his butt kicked trying to save the girl dropping his. The girl picks up the gun and starts unloading on the guy who tried to rape her, she missed every shot but the distraction gave Sonny enough time to knock him out. Unfortunately, just because she missed every shot at the guy she was aiming at, one bullet struck
Kim, and Sonny and the girl he saved runs off together. Meanwhile Rej gets into a car accident, and I don't know if these guys are cops or gang members, but they are trying to intimidate and blackmail Rej into giving up his connect for running heroin.

The Confessional

I am not sure how I feel about this book... I was highly looking forward to reading this because the writer is a local of Charlotte, North Carolina like I am, but this dialogue felt off for me through the whole issue. The art isn't my favorite, but it isn't bad either. I know this is a four issue mini-series as well, but everything felt way to rushed as well. Now with all the negatives out of the way the book did intrigue me, it kept me interested for the whole book as well as leaving me ready to read the next issue coming out sometime in February.

Purgatory: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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