Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writer: Mark Miller
Art: Greg Capullo, Inker: Jonathan Glapion, Colors: Fco Plascencia
Price: $3.99

The Escape Gone Wrong:

We start this story in a prison where we left off last issue, and Bonnie's powers are still in full force, because she straight up destroys these guards, and because she is such a nice person she stops to let out all the prisoners, which should help give them all an edge to get out of this place. Little did she know they were all going to turn on her and deliver her and her father to more guards. The guards take Bonnie and her dad to Black Wish Mountain, where they are to be executed. Bonnie still confused as to why those people attacked her after trying to help them escape from prison, her dad explains to her that this is the place where bad people come, that even when you're trying to help them they do the wrong thing.

The Black Wish:

We find out the reason they are going to be killed here, on Black Wish Mountain, because their death will allow Il Mago to make a negative wish and increase his power. We get a little back story on Il Mago, he was a mob boss, took down eighteen cops before being shot, and ten more before being killed. We also meet Il Mago's wife Ruby Empress, who Bonnie knew from school, but it seems that Ruby Empress is having an issue killing Bonnie because her magic wand is acting up. Out of nowhere everyone except for Bonnie and her dad are frozen solid, Bonnie thinking her dad did it, is surprised to find out it was her old cat Frosty, now known as General Frost. He has come to kill Bonnie for getting him fixed in the old world, which leaves him now with no reproductive organs. He mocks her, saying that if he so wanted he could find her husband and his old owner, because that's what animals can do in this new world, they can find their old owners. Unfortunately for Bonnie she cut off his reproductive organs, so instead of he is going to kill her, but Bonnie has a trick up her sleeve and wishes they were all dead, and the mountain grants her wish and all of the bad guys are dead. She then continues to wish for ways to get her husband back, but the mountain doesn't work this way, her dad reminds her as he wishes the chains binding them disintegrates into nothing and they do. Now they are on the move again trying to get out of the Dark Lands. We end this issue with Golgotha getting a report from Nose Bleed while climbing out of a pool of blood. Telling Nose Bleed to keep filling to pool with blood he says he needs privacy to make love with Arimathea, which looks like a lion hybrid thing.

The Confessional

This book is still one of the best books I read, Capullo's art is fantastic, and this storytelling couldn't be any better. If you're already reading Reborn you'll know what I mean by this, and if you're still on the fence about this book nine out of ten people will tell you to check it out. Very quick read and VERY enjoyable.

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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