Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Story/Art/Color: Rich Tommaso
Cover Price: $3.99

Happy Birthday Lizzie- Part One

We pick up in this new arc with Lizzie, Gabby's sister. Its her birthday and her and her friend Pam are celebrating. She makes a comment that she sent out invitations but no one responded, just Pam. Seems like Lizzie is resentful towards Gabby because now her high school just sees her as the sister of a murder. Since it doesn't look like anyone is going to actually show up the friends head out to the creek. They goof around and hunt for salamanders and wind up finding an alligator. They get freaked out which I don't blame them, and head to the 7-eleven. They grab a few slurpies and Lizzie found an erotic magazine. The issue is Lizzie has no intention of paying for their things so they get into an altercation with the store worker and take off. As they walk down the street some old guy in a red sports car zooms past and stops to ask if the girls wanted a “ride.” Pam declines but Lizzie goes with him. The next day back at school and of course Lizzie's non-existent party. Lizzie gets upset and when she gets home goes through Gabby's things. She finds a Witchcraft book and finds the page about the wolf. The next day her and Pam return back to the creek and Lizzie changes into a wolf. Once Lizzie changes she hears this voice that tells her to kill Pam. I thought Lizzie would resist but she doesn't and kills her best friend, and runs off with another wolf named Aamon.

Black Baptism-Part 2

So this part actually starts as a splash page of the last part. Its a group of unknown people one of which looks like a newly changed Lizzie but honestly I'm not sure. They are exploring this church, not quite sure what they are looking for but I'm hoping it all clicks. Anyway they come on this room and find a bunch of skeletons. Looks like there was some kind of battle. Lizzie, maybe, gets the feeling that she may have been here before but can't remember the details. The thought maybe it was for her sisters wedding but again she’s not sure. As they continue exploring they come upon a similar room this time there are these blue, tall people that seem to be monks or priests. The other lady with the group that I think may be a reincarnated version of Aamon. She demands that the priest give her a spear. She claims the spear in the name of a Lord called Xaxion. Apparently this temple has been murdering and torture basically making people believe in their religion. Whoever this new lady is grabs the spear and claims she will be the salvation in these times of war. The priests wind up pulling out a wolf on their own and we leave this story with Lizzie about to transform.


I picked up this comic because of the description and the fact I tend to really like Image comics but honestly this just left me confused and frustrated. I'm not just a quick reader I am a thorough reader. If I miss a detail something happened like I got interrupted or what not. I went back and re-read issues 1-4 before I read this one and I was still confused as to what was going on. The story line was hard to follow. Not sure if it was I was not interested or what but I just couldn't keep interested. I do like the art as in I like the style but I feel like it could have been made a little easier to read. The story line has a lot of potential I just wish Tommaso would take advantage of it.

Purgatory: ★★★★✩✩✩✩

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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