Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Suicide Squad #10 SPOILER REVIEW

Writers: Rob Williams and Si SpurrierArtists: Giuseppe Cafaro, Color: Hi-Fi
Price: 2.99

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

We start of at Fort Aluetia missile silo in Alaska, of course remember this is a tie and is set after the Justice League Vs Suicide Squad event, there are bodies everywhere. Who is the culprit you ask? None other than Rustam! Sorry I felt that needed to be dramatic. We know Rustam is out for revenge against Amanda Waller so if he gets his hands on a missile we are in major trouble. that his plan? He tells the soldiers to make sure she, Waller, knows he is coming and that this war is something she created. The twist is he doesn't take the missile instead he leaves a photograph of two boys and a girl. Amanda Waller's children.

Mom of the Year

We jump on over to the kids, well young adults leaving their apartment. They are bickering like all siblings do when a swat team comes and swoops them up out of nowhere. We are actually in the back with the kids while the Squad is escorting them back to what I assume was an abandoned warehouse. The poor kids are confused and scared because they are in the back with crock, I would be scared too. When they hear Waller the immediately recognize her voice. We learn the kids’ names are Coretta, Martin, and Jesse, and they are not happy to reunite with their Mom at all. They haven't seen her in two years and they had no intention of changing that. Waller explained things have changed and that a terrorist has made a threat to hurt Waller. They are still not amused with Waller. Wherever it is that they are at she has the place locked down, guards and snipers, like that is going to stop him but still.
They are also on strict shoot to kill orders. The Squad watched on as Waller’s kids lay into her. Asking her what it is that she’s done now and that they know that its her fault. She should have been more of a mother. She still explains the situation about Rustam. However, her kids don't accept it. We also learn that Amanda had a husband and two other children who died. One if her kids even asked if she even actually took time to visit their graves. Someone finally shows up at the warehouse and Waller unleashes Croc on him. He is not Rustam however. He's just a messenger. Waller has to tame Croc by releasing a charge through his nano bomb which sets her kids off even more. You actually feel kind of bad for the messenger having to come in on this mess.

Mic Drop

We finally learn some of Rustam's plan. He put a tracking device on the girl, he also made it clear that if he wanted them dead, they would already be dead. He doesn't want to hurt them, like that isn't at all what he wants to do. He has bigger plans. He wanted them to see the real Amanda Waller even though it looks like they already have an idea. Amanda is supposed to be this all seeing all knowing woman and she doesn't even know her own family. Doesn't even she is going to be a Grandma. Of course she is livid and is almost demanding one them to talk and per usual they bite back. They say she doesn't get to be called Mother. She hasn't earned that title. Corretta is livid, rightfully so, and she is flipping on Waller, telling her what a piece she is. They tell her to leave them alone because all she does is cause drama and problems. Waller is finally learning he in and outs of pain. She even said why does this feel like losing even though she won. Are we seeing a change in Amanda Waller or is it the end?


I was so happy to see someone stick it to Amanda Waller. I felt like this was a great epilogue to jump into the next arc of Suicide Squad. I love it when story lines come together like that. It wasn't as action packed as I typically like Suicide Squad to be but I still enjoy the story line. Not a big fan of they art, seemed a bit sloppy to me like they rushed through it to much. I can't wait to see how this goes.

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩

Corrianne Hamlin NCR

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