Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Suicide Squad #9 SPOILER REVIEW

Story: Rob Williams and Si Spurrier
Art: Riley Rossmo, Color: Ivan Plascencia
Cover Price: $2.99

The First and Last Mission of Suicide Zero

As we start this back story the first thing I notice is how dreary the color is, sorry but it’s important. We start off with a chinless Amanda Waller giving a briefing on a dictator in Jansung named Young. This guy has been running his mouth for a while but now he has an army of Gods to back up his threats so in come the first ever Suicide Squad. If you have been following along with the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (JL vs. SS) you already kind of know who these guys are but just a recap: we have the Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Johnny Sorrow, and Lobo. Each have a witty little description that I actually chuckled at. We are also introduced to a guy by the name of Rustam who is Waller’s little personal soldier. Apparently instead of using the nano-bombs with this squad she promised them rewards like money or the location of their enemies, some even freedom. Of course this is Waller so her promises were probably empty. There is also this little guy named Cyclotron, no one really knows where this guy came from but just wait it gets even better.

Squad vs. Gods

The squad arrives in Jansung and immediately begins fighting this God army. As they fight we are introduced to these guys again along with some witty descriptions. We start with Island, Statue, and Wind. Then it goes to Missle and Growth. Growth is my favorite because of his description. The squad starts killing these guys and they realize that as the Gods fall, the locals also begin to dye. Basically killing the Gods is also killing the people in return. Amanda flips and orders the squad to stop, but they are the bad guys. They only care about getting the mission done and claiming their reward. Sadly, the locals are lost as the advance on to Young's den.

Once there they find what is called the God Engine. Basically this device use human life as fuel to keep these Gods alive which is why when the Gods fall so do the people. Waller of course is commanding that they destroy it; however, the little cyclotron speaks up and suggests that the squad uses the device instead. He brings up the valid point that the squad is expendable and replaceable. The squad is down for it except Lobo. All he cares about is money so he walks away to claim his cash. Waller who always has a back up plan is ready for this. She orders Lobo to kill Cyclotron, well doesn't order but advises him and says that she will double his cash. Lobo agrees and when he kills Cyclotron it all makes sense. Waller sent him as a fail safe. He's a bomb designed to explode if the squad stepped out of line, Cyclotron exploded and left Jansung and the God Engine destroyed. As for the squad they survived and we end with the chinless Amanda Waller basking in all of her evil glory.


I loved this backstory. It was set up perfectly and completely ties into the JL vs SS story line. Truthfully, I'm rather shocked as I did not have high hopes for this story. Not that I am disappointed in the JL vs SS story line I just don't get excited about back stories as much. This issue I wasn’t excited for, but I was impressed with the story in the end. What I'm not crazy about is the art. I mean Rossmo couldn't even give Waller a chin? The colors were dreary but I can understand that because I didn't expect this Suicide Squad to be as colorful as our beloved Harley, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang crew. Overall a great backstory and I actually kind of hope they continue a whole story line with this Squad. I would for sure take time to read it.

Holy: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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