Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Writer: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artists: Ryan Sook, Ed Benes, Clay Mann, Jorge Jimenez

Multiplicity Part-Two 

On Earth 14 The Justice League of Assassins…that’s right I said Assassins are fighting for their freedom. I have to say these Assassins look extremely awesome. Like Mad Max meets DC. Unfortunately, they’re no match for the Gatherers who take their means of execution a little too far. Over in Bleedspace ( a headquarters for the inter-dimensional League cops who watch over all the dimensions) Superman is trying to get a grip on this new reality. The only plan they can think of is traveling to all the Earths and warning the Superman of that Earth what is coming their way. Not only warn them, but also to remove them from the Earth, at least momentarily. Of course the Earth’s Leaguers aren’t liking this idea so much, each believing they can take care of their own. With no other choice Our Supes knocks them out and ‘kidnaps’ them, for their own safety of course.

What Now

All the Supermen are on one ship trying to come up with a plan to beat this baddie. I have to say even though this is a weird trip, the art along the way makes it worth while. They decide to lure in the Prophecy with their energy source. Then they will go at him at once. Our Superman will be the brave one to be the bait.

The Confessional

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this arc. It’s really interesting and fun, it also feels very out there. The art is fantastic. I love how much the style changes with each Earth. The quirkiness of different Justice Leagues, you really get a sense of diving into the artists imagination and abilities. Maybe it seems off to me because it is so far off in continuity with the other Rebirth titles. It’s its own funky little thing.

High Blessing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Ariel DuPey | NCR

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