Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artists: Khoi Pham, Wade Von Grawbadger and Jim Charalampidis
Price: $2.99


Damien has given up and has returned to Ra’s Al Ghul hoping he will call off the Demon’s Fist, sparing the Teen Titans. Ra’s doesn’t buy it. He has lots of doubts still and proves it when putting Damien in front of The Mirror of Truth. Which shows Batman staring back at him. Damien insists that he is being honest and wants Ra’s to tell Mara to call off the Demon’s Fist. Of course she is already there for him to tell her himself. Classic. Love it.

Trial by Combat…

Mara reminds Damien of when he cut her and tries to start a fight with him. Still thinking about the rest of the team, Damien agrees only to fight her if she agrees to his conditions. A trial by combat. If
he wins, they leave the Teen Titans alone. If she wins, she can live knowing she deserves to lead the League of Assassins. I love Damien’s attitude. The rest of the Demon’s Fist aren’t happy with this since they’ve been training their entire lives to take down the Teen Titans. Mara doesn’t care though. Her and Damien fight while Ra’s sits back and enjoys. Damien keeps taking her down without killing her proclaiming he wins. Not so smart. Mara throws a knife into his back and he is out cold.

Teen Titans!...

While this is all going on the rest of the Teen Titans are on their way to help Damien. Beast Boy finds out where he is located and they’re on their way. While discussing their situation with Damien, Beast Boy breaks into full on pep talk about how he feels responsible for what happened to the last Robin and they can’t lose another Robin. It’s parts of the story like this that I love. Feels like classic Teen Titans. Just before they rescue Damien, the Demon’s Fist pay him a visit in his cell. Turns out they’re not the biggest fans of Mara and wish Damien was still their leader. I’m thinking this is going to come into play later on. But we shall have to wait and see because the issue ends with Damien’s cell door going THOOOM and it’s his friends! Damien has friends! Love it.

The Confessional

Benjamin Percy is doing an incredible job with this series. The characters are exactly who they should be, it feels like classic Teen Titans but instead we have Damien in the mix as well which spices things up. I like how the Demon’s Fist seem to be turning against Mara behind the scenes and can’t wait to see what happens with that. The art is fantastic as well. If this series was adapted into an animated show or movie I wouldn’t want the art to change at all. It fits the tone of the series perfectly.

Rating: Holy ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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