Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Price: $2.99

There They Are…

The issue opens with a little history lesson on a Civil War that took place in Corto Maltese. After this war, all of the treasures and valuables of the country were put into a museum, the most valued piece being a gold statue of Mercury. Because of the country's violent history, the museum has become one of the most secure in the world. But not for the Rogues! Who just come crashing through the glass roof. I quite enjoyed Mirror Master using the shards of glass as they fell. Also we see that the Trickster is now part of the Rogues, again. It’s an off and on relationship. Trickster doesn’t make the greatest impression when he loses track of the time they got left and this is of course when the Flash shows up to save the day.

Flash vs. The Rogues? …

Flash begins trying to take down the members of the Rogues and the art here is fantastic. The art in this series has been some of my favorite in Rebirth. Once the Flash thinks his job is done, Captain Cold takes a hostage and threatens to ice her if the Flash doesn’t let them go. The Flash refuses
because he’s realized that this Captain Cold is left-handed when he is supposed to be right-handed. It’s really just a mirror construct made by Mirror Master who ends up getting away and leaving Flash with mirror constructs of himself. I thought this was a fun idea. When Flash breaks all of them into shatters, it forms a mirror monster! Cheesy, but it’s a comic and I liked it. Although it would have been a bit better if Flash didn’t just vibrate his way out of it like always.

Back to Square One…

At this point Flash has figured out that the Rogues wanted him to find the plans for the heist so that he wouldn’t be in Central City to stop them from committing multiple crimes all over the city. He’s still confused at the fact that he was only gone for a few minutes and they were able to pull of multiple crimes. The Rogues have found that the only way to beat Flash is to split up. Flash is now right back at square one since he has no idea where to find any of the Rogues. This is a lot more interesting than the Flash vibrating his way out of a situation and I look forward to how the Flash figures this one out. Maybe there’s even more to the Rogues plans?

The Confessional

I thought this was a great issue. It felt very old school but still fresh. I like the way the Rogues are actually thinking things out rather than just planning heists, they’re also planning how to trick the Flash into not catching them. In the past they seemed to just hope that the Flash wouldn’t show up the time of their crimes. Which is of course classic Rogues. The art was fantastic. Carmine Di Giandomenico has been doing a great job. Still one of my favorite Rebirth series.

Rating: Holy ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Brandon Reid | NCR

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