Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Lee Weeks, Colorist: John Kalisz
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 11, 2017

Home Sweet Home

The Titans move to Manhattan, and Donna, Arsenal, and Flash are taking on a giant metahuman. It seems like the team needs a clear leader because Flash and Arsenal are arguing about how Arsenal dropped the meta. Donna cuts the argument short trying to get their attentions up in the sky, who could it be but none other than Superman being arrogant. When Superman, before he takes off, drops a giant bomb for this whole book; he knows this Flash. Wally desperate for answers takes pursuit and we are off to the races.

How Many Forms Does It Take to be a Superhero in Manhattan?

Meanwhile back at Titans Tower, Nightwing, Omen, and Aqualad are working on the logistics of operating within Manhattan. They hired a lawyer to help them with the necessary paperwork it would take to get this done. Out side of a few aspects to this part, like hinting that Batman is funding the operation, the tower was grown using technology from Atlantis and that the Amazons gave them an invisible jet, it seems like it was unnecessary filler.

Catching Superman

Wally catches up with Superman in Iowa where Superman gives Wally a few pieces of advice. He knows what Wally is going through and he also remembers a world that never existed, which is why he remembers Wally when no one else does. Wally lost more than Superman did, he lost his love, but Superman assures him that she is still the same person and if he works at it they will be together again. Time for a rematch to take them back to Manhattan.

The Date, Not a Date, First Date

Now we move over to the love birds that just need a break from that tension between them. They need to first admit that they like each other as more than friends or teammates. Roy Harper and Dona Troy are sitting in a diner eating and it seems that Roy is really good at flirting when he doesn't realize what he is doing. Take away all the lovers tension between the two and you get a really good look into Donna's confusion about her life. She was an orphan raised by the Amazons but she doesn't know really anything about her past or how she got her powers. Roy tells her to just ask her mom now, because she looks like a girl who needs to know herself better. After a few nicer lines (single guys take note) Donna jumps in his arms and gives him a kiss on the cheek and they are off to track down leads as to how the meta they took down at the beginning of the book got his powers. We get a quick page where we take a look at who I assume is the main villain of this story arc with Mel and Karen Duncan checking in for their appointment at Meta Solutions. The story concludes with the team converging back at Titans Tower and scaring off the lawyer who has had enough of all this super stuff.

The Confessional

This book! The story building with Wally West has me wanting so much more for his character. The same can be said for the relationship between Donna Troy and Roy Harper; I find myself wanting to see more of them being awkward around each other, because I feel I can relate to the aspect of two people who like each other but are too afraid to say it. By far the best Titans book that has come out so far. Now for the pain points, because while it is an amazing read by itself; in the DC Universe I am having a hard time when it comes to the names. All I am asking is this: can the Wally West Flash get a new name so while we are talking about him we don't get confused as to what comic book is actually being talked about?

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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