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Wicked and Divine Volume 1 SPOILER REVIEW

Kieron Gillen- Writer
Jamie McKelvie- Artist, Matthew Wilson- Color
Cover Price: $9.99

Once Again

The year is 1923 and we have an older woman by the name of Ananke (we will learn this later on) confronting a round table of 4 people. She's talking about how it's time and that she loves them. They sorrowfully say goodbye to each other and begin counting down and then each snap their fingers and the whole house bursts into flames with Ananke standing outside. “Once again we return.”


It is not the year 2014, we are in London. There is a girl and it appears she is getting ready to see Amaterasu. She is in what looks like a public bathroom getting ready with other fans. She looks at herself in the mirror and wishes she was Amaterasu because she is a God. Amaterasu is seventeen and she is immortal. Just in case you don’t know this whole comic is about Gods and Goddess's who manifest bodies of the living for two years and after that two years is up they return and the human body dies. This phenomenon happens every 90 years. While on Earth these entities do amazing things like hold these massive concerts and mesmerize people with their abilities. The girl, (Laura) is describing Amaterasu as climatic. That the entire performance is pure bliss. You can't understand even what she is saying but it doesn't matter. Amaterasu looks at Laura and not only does Laura eventually pass out but so does the people beside her. That is how intense these guys are. Once Laura comes to she meets one of my favorite characters in the series Luci, short for Lucifer. They engage in some banter, Luci tries to low key hit on Laura and offers for her to meet Amaterasu. Luci tells Laura that Amaterasu is currently “addressing the unbelievers” basically she’s doing an interview. At this point the Gods have only manifested for two weeks so typically there are skeptics. We are also
introduced to the Goddess manifest Sakhmet which Laura was told not to make eye contact if she had any respect for her pelvis. By the way my husband thought I was going to choke because I laughed so hard at this statement. Anyway back to the story, Amaterasu is going into this lecture of “We are Gods and we live to inspire” Honestly this is where we learn that they are here for two years and after the two years they go away, but while they are here their purpose is to entertain and inspire one evening at a time. The main skepticism behind this is the two-year clause. If this seventeen-year-old girl really believes all this, then basically she will be dead before she is twenty and she is actually calm about it. Of course the ever beautiful Amaterasu has a beautiful answer to this, “You spend all your life wishing you were special and come to find out you are nothing comes without a price” The reporter still denies everything. She’s been to every one of the Gods and hasn't anything remotely similar to the others like Laura. We eventually learn the reporters name is Cassandra and she has royally ticked of Luci at this point. Luci calls her a few names and they exchange some not so family friendly words. Then comes the second LOL moment. For those who don't know Sakhmet is an Egyptian Cat God. While Luci and Cassandra are exchanging words Sakhmet pounces on Luci screaming “The Red Dot!” She then pounces on Cassandra and Luci states that whoever is messing with her pointer isn't funny and Laura has the pointer. Then we see that the laser was actually the sights of a gun pointed at everyone in the room and they completely open fire. Luci is furious, Amaterasu tries to stop her but she is already standing on the windowsill addressing the assassins. Luci brings her fingers up, snaps them and both of the assassins’ heads explode. Luci is arrested and put on trial. She is saying that there is no physical proof and all she did is snap her fingers. The only way that snapping her fingers could have caused that is an act of a God. Really all she wants is the Judge to publicly admit that she is a God. The Judge threatens to hold her in contempt and Luci threatens him and snaps her fingers and of course the Judges head explodes. The only thing is Luci looks just as shocked as everyone else does. Luci didn't kill the Judge. Only problem is Laura is going to be the only one that believes her.

The Wicked and The Divine

Luci is being dragged out of the courtroom and she calls out to Amaterasu and tells her to get Ananke. We are introduced to Baal as he is being interviewed on television in Laura’s living room. He was the only one of the Pantheon willing to discuss the events that took place. He defended Luci saying she shouldn't have even been there as the original assassins we trying to kill her. Of course the news anchor twisted it to make it seem like he was condoning the violence which he doesn't but he does think he is better than the anchor. Laura's parents make a statement that it is all a hoax, and basically try and bait Laura into an argument. They think she was in school when it all happened. Laura is also looking up Ananke on her phone and we learn that Ananke is another mythological character who basically is the personification of necessity. She was the absolute ruler of fate and destiny even for the Gods.

The No-Pinkie Pinkie Swear

We are now one week later and Laura has devoted herself to the Gods. She is set on becoming one. She’s also going to visit Luci. Laura basically conned her way into seeing her. Luci is flattered and assumes that Laura is there because they didn't get to consummate their meeting the other night and she’s sorry but there isn't anything she can do within her abilities. Laura just wants to know who Ananke is. Luci tells her that Ananke is the one who finds them and turns them. We then see the story of how Luci was turned. We also see the process, Ananke does this little chant and bam Luci is created. Ananke is the caretaker of the Pantheon. She gives advice which Luci didn't adhere to and is now in this situation. Luci fears this is why she hasn't heard from Ananke yet. We see this delightful little feeling moment between Luci and Larua as Luci promises to turn Larua into a demon if Laura helps her because Laura is the only one who came to see her. Laura then seeks out Cassandra the reporter who was there that night. They meet at an art gallery Cassandra is still skeptical and fears Luci is lying to Laura. However, she can't resist this story. Between Laura and Cassandra, they work up this plan to visit some of the Gods. Cassandra can get in to see most of the Gods at Woodens Valhalla which is like his “play” castle if you catch my drift. This is where they are planning their big press statement. Laura gets to go and see The Morrigan who is another one of my favorites. Laura is nervous because The Morrigan is different from the other Gods. She is dark and mysterious. She's way underground, literally. You have to break into old sub stations to find her. Also she has multiple names, and later you find out multiple personalities. The crowd waits and waits and finally someone asks if she is coming and they hear a voice that says “No.” He clicks his fingers and the station is engulfed in flames and he is holding The Morrigans head.


So this guys has Morrigans head, and he’s demanding that thee crowd worship him. Then the head starts talking, worshiping this guy. We learn that this guy is Baphomet. Suddenly a woman starts walking from the tunnel saying Silly boy and the whole area is covered with ravens. We then see this woman who is calling herself Badb (one of Morrigans three, I think, personalities) with bright read hair and the face of Morrigan. She is drilling into Baphoment saying a few not family friendly things. Laura finally interjects between the two and picks up the Morrigans head and says that he was right to play with the queen’s throne in the absence of the Morrigan since that is who the followers were here to see. Badb counts to 4 and Morrigan is back and agrees with Laura. However, the two are still fighting and they start counting and as they are counting it becomes black around Laura. Just when Laura thinks they are going to die the cops show up and Baphomet sets one of them on fire. We then see Morrigans third personality Annie. She is patchy bald and scraggly looking. She brings the guy back from the dead. The cops still insist she has to go with them and we quickly see her go from Annie to Badb, and the room fills with ravens. Laura chases down the Morrigan and begs her to talk to her. Laura believes it was Baphomet who blew up the judge but the Morrigan says they were together and that it couldn't have been him. She sees the good in Laura and tells her that if she ever needs her to come back down to the darkness and call out and whichever personality is needed will show. She then disappears and Laura is arrested. Once Laura receives her warning she returns home were her parents scold her. Laura wants out, she wants to continue trying to free Luci and earn her immortal life.

Chthonic Homesick Blues

Laura is meeting with Cassandra in a library and they are catching up with what happened. Laura explains about Baphomet and the Morrigan. Cassandra tells Laura a little about Valhalla and that all of the Pantheon were there except Tara who we have yet to see and is also a suspect in the mysterious murders. Cassandra asks Laura to recall everything that Luci told her about Tara. Luci said that this wasn't Tara. If it was she would be proud of it and probably have done an art installation about it. We go to to Amaterasu and how she is incapable of jealousy and how peaceful she is. Ananke is disappointed in Luci and how this doesn't seem like her. Ianna is more of a sexual being he's mean but still has a little love. Sakhmet never held anything against Luci, Woden seems to only care about Asian girls and inappropriate thoughts. Luci doesn't know Minerva that well seeing as she is only twelve but she’s still to sweet. Baal is a little bitter because Luci had spent some quality time with Baals boyfriend Inanna. Apparently there was this big fight between the two boys where Baal almost put Inanna through a wall. With all this being said both Laura and Cassandra agree Baal is a suspect just as they actually say this out loud Baal appears basically out of thin air and isn't happy the girls are accusing him of setting up Luci. The girls go with Baal to Valhalla and we see that Baal has this big mural of himself. Of course noble Cassandra believes him to be egotistical but Baal says from his position its merely humble.

The Immoral of the Tale

Still at Valhalla and Baal and Cassandra are just laying into each other. Cassandra maintaining that Baal is an egotistical and Baal retorting what do you really expect. Laura is just fan-girling at this point. Cassandra asking multiple questions about Luci and even Inanna. This Baal is the God of lightening and he has made it very clear that if he wanted anyone dead all he would have to do is look at them in a certain way. Baal did not toss Inanna through a wall, it was nearly through a wall and it was because he didn't agree with the way the Pantheon was treating Luci. He wanted to go to her. However, they have to let this play out. If it were up to them, it would have gone down very differently. Cassandra is of course arguing that they are Gods, they can do anything with their lives. Baal doesn't really see the point because in two years he will be dead and if Baal even decides to return it wouldn't be for another 90 years. Baal finally addresses Laura and she is just maintaining her cool so she doesn't completely fan girl out. Baal continues saying that he's really good at his gigs because he knows he is bad and he embraces it. He allows humans to embrace their bad side and make them feel better about having said bad side. The group reaches a pair of Woodens guards standing at an entrance. Baal makes them cut Cassandra off but Laura gets to walk with and gets to meet Ananke. Cassandra is upset and wants to know how Baal even found them. He got smart with her as him and Laura walk away. He tells Laura that he basically tricked one of Cassandras loyal camera crew and found their location. Exactly the same as Laura would do. For the first time we get a glimpse of the Pantheon and their meeting chamber in Valhalla. We see Wooden embracing one of his guards, Sakhment, Minerva, and Amaterasu. Even Ananke. Laura is completely speechless and in awe of seeing all of them. Ananke speaks and thanks Laura for being there for Luci. Ananke says that them leaving her is for her and everyone’s own good. Laura wants to know why finding the killer is so hard. Ananke reveals that they don't use their powers against human kind. It draws to much bad attention. God against God is a different story. Any God with the fire power could have set Luci up even from miles and miles away. All of the Gods speak up saying that it literally could have been anyone. Even Amaterasu admits she could have. Wooden explains that Luci has to stay in her Cell until the killer slips up and is found. Laura is livid and rightfully so because they are basically giving up on helping Luci. They also seem to agree with Laura that it is most likely Baphomet and Morrigan cleaned up after him. They still have to leave Luci in jail. It also sinks in more that in two years they will all be dead. Minerva will die before she is fourteen. Laura bravely brings up the fact that they have a killer in their midst and they are acting way to calmly. Ananke simply says to tell Luci that they love her.

It's All Going to Be Okay

Laura goes back to see Luci and it appears that she has told her everything. Luci looks extremely sad. Luci even states that its hard to face that in two years she is going to be dead. She is also livid because she is basically taking the blame for someone who is setting her up. Screw the next life when she’s got a perfect one right in front of her if the Pantheon would just do something. This time Laura brought her cigarettes. Luci gets this smirk on her face and suddenly melts the shackles that are on her fingers and she continues clicking to set everything on fire. Luci is breaking out. She crushes Laura’s dreams first. She lied to Laura about being able to give her powers. She had the same ability that Laura had helped her which was nothing. All Laura did was crush her hope. So, she walks out of jail.


So Luci has broken out of jail and has now lit almost everything of fire. Laura is begging the swat team to let her talk to Luci to talk her down. Amaterasu appears out of no where and goes to confront Luci. Luci would rather die than return. Amaterasu is begging her when Baal strikes down like a bolt of lightening. Luci tries to set him on fire and even taunts him that she will hurt him if he doesn't leave her alone. Sakhmet comes and tackles Luci. Laura is so terrified they are going to kill Luci she seeks out Morrigan. Before we can get Morrigans answer we cut back to the Gods. Luci is beat and bruised with Baal, Sakhmet, and Amaterasu all asking her to go back to prison. Luci is still defiant. Ravens then surround Luci and Laura is inside and grabs Luci's hand and pulls her into a room with Cassandra and her film crew and they are filming the events. Laura demands they stop but Luci made it clear to not stop filming no matter what happens. Luci goes on this spill about how she regrets her decisions and how she messed up. Laura reveals that Morrigan is going to let Luci move to the underground with her. Luci starts walking out of the room to move in with Morrigan and as she walks out Ananke is waiting for her. She simply says, “I love you Lucifer.” Luci knows what is coming, Ananke clicks her fingers and Luci's head explodes. Laura begs for Morrigan to bring her back and of course Morrigan can’t. Ananke addresses the already rolling camera. She introduces herself. She makes it clear that the Pantheon police their own. This is going to scare human kind but she insists the only thing the Gods want is adoration. That's it. She then says enough and says for human kind to leave the Pantheon to mourn. Laura was interviewed multiple times which is what she wanted but not like this. She slips into this depression. As she is pulling out a cigarette she thinks to herself what would Lucifer do. She clicks her fingers her cigarette lights. It's not over.


When my local comic shop guy suggested that I read Wicked and Divine I was kind of iffy. I'm not really in to the plot blah blah blah. I was so pleasantly surprised. I am absolutely in love with this comic. At first I thought that the story line was a little iffy like I just wasn't into it but once I got past the first part I was hooked and literally went through this whole trade in less than 24 hours no joke. I love bright colors so the art really stands out and is why I love this book so much. I really got involved with the characters as well and like I could feel their emotions and even screamed when Ananke blew up Luci. Plus, I am kind of a fan girl when it comes to the Morrigan. I am a huge fan of Norse Mythology because of my gene pool and I remember my great grandmother tell me stories about the Morrigan. So it was really cool to see her in a comic. It's a really easy read and it just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see what is in store for our characters.

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★✩

Corrianne Hamlin NCR

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