Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Aquaman #17

Dan Abnett: Story
Scot Eaton: Penciller
Wayne Faucher: Inker
Gabe Eltaeb: Colorist


Last issue we were introduced to a villain named Warhead. This issue we learn a little bit about the extent of his power. Aquaman is set to address the United Nations when he intercepts those same telepathy waves from before. He plans to talk about uniting the world with Atlantis. He keeps getting seeing this soldier and getting more telepathy interceptions. Once he makes it through the speech he sees the soldier again, this time he approaches him. Using his Triton as an antenna he boosts the telepathy in order to track the source. Warhead takes over a few civilians in order to attempt to stop warhead to no avail. He fights them but doesn't kill them. He eventually makes his way to Warhead. Aquaman feels like he is calling out for help but doesn't understand why he keeps attacking him. He asks that major question: “Why are you doing this?” Warhead places his hand on his head and Warhead shows him a world full of destruction.


Let me start with the absolute positive: This art is fantastic, I have a few issues with Aquaman's facial expressions, there is one panel where he is picking up telepathic signal and he either looks like he is pushing out a big bowel movement or just got punched in the stomach. Outside of that one panel specifically the line work is solid, the coloring is bright and inviting; it is all around good art. The story was good; I am super excited they are doing Warhead... It's not the Warhead that I thought it was, the old Wonder Woman villain, but I am still super excited to see how Aquaman handles this guy. The most confusing part in this story is they guy who looks like he is talking, but his word bubble is blank, and his only line is please no more... like I don't understand what's going on with him. My favorite part of this book is the fight between Warhead and Aquaman at the end of the book, it seems like Aquaman had met his match... However, I understand that Aquaman is a King, but I am not to fond of seeing him in the political spotlight, she should be kicking butt and taking names... showing his foes why they shouldn't mess with Atlantis, not standing in front of the UN holding a conference proclaiming peace, didn't he just do that at the end of the Deluge arc with the President of the United States? Why are we still rehashing this? Even with that being said I rank this book high, a must read for anyone wanting to get into the Aquaman comics, Rebirth is for you.

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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