Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Writer: Tom King
Artist: David Finch
Price: $2.99


I Am Bane part one, the issue we should have gotten weeks ago is finally here. I guess a sexy night with Catwoman was more important than saving Gotham Girl, tisk tisk Batman. And although I Am Bane isn't a perfect issue, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

We start inside Arkham Asylum where Batman, Dr. Arkham, and a security guard are checking up on Psycho Pirate, who is the key to helping Gotham Girl. Which will take 5 days; a classic Batman scene. Then out of nowhere Bronze Tiger attacks Batman! The guard turns out dirty and tries to kill them all, but ends up dying. We then see the guard smile with 'I Am Bane' written on his teeth. Turns out Bane needs Psycho Pirate to take away his pain from lack of venom.

Welcome to Batburger?...

So now that Bane is coming, Batman needs to deal with those closest to him, starting of course with the Robins. All of the Robins meet him and Duke at a burger joint called Batburger. I was just as happy about this as Bruce Wayne was when being asked if he'd like to “jokerize” his meal. Lame. Also, I found the Robins didn't act quite like themselves. Jason Todd seemed like a child and I found the dialogue could have been written a little better. I got confused when everyone was talking about who had died and come back to life and who hasn't.

Really Meow?...

Now for my least favorite part of the issue. Batman goes to GCPD headquarters due to the Bat Signal being turned on by non other than... Catwoman. REALLY? Even Batman tells her she shouldn't be there. Then she takes off when Gordon shows up, Gordon tells Batman he could have helped. Batman replies with something stupid like “Yeah, could have”. Batman is a bad boy now, watch out ladies!

Finally, the issue ends with Batman getting ready to take Gotham Girl to her first of five sessions with Psycho Pirate. But upon entering the Batcave they are greeted with what looks to be all 3 Robins hanging by their necks with I Am Bane written on their chests. Bane really wants to make sure everyone remembers his name. Or maybe his lack of venom is making him a little off, and he needs to remind himself what his name is? Let's see in the coming issues if we can make a drinking game out of it. Every time you see I Am Bane, you take a shot.

The Confessional:

Although I really enjoyed the story in this issue, some of the dialogue was confusing at times and some characters weren't portrayed very well. Then there's the damn Catwoman scene. Not a fan at all. Did we really need to be reminded of that situation again? It was last issue! The art was fantastic though it was the highlight of the issue and has stayed strong through most of the series.

Blessing: ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩

Brandon Reid | NCR

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