Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artist: Paul Pelletier
Price: $2.99

Terminator Meets Frankenstein...

In this issue we see Anomaly showing Cyborg his origin story. Which to me is a mix of Terminator and Frankenstein, and I love it. Even Anomaly himself looks bad ass. A lot better than any fancy Terminator that came out after T2. It turns out that Dr. Stone was responsible for the cancer that eventually killed his wife. In doing so he became obsessed with finding a cure and decided to make cyborg clones of himself to experiment on, the last clone being Anomaly. After Dr. Stone was finished with his clones they were found by other scientists who began torturing and experimenting on them. Eventually with the help of a synthetic scientist, who turns out to be the Cyborg looking after Dr. Stone. Anomaly killed all the others and escaped, ready for revenge.

Exxy To the Rescue... Kind of...

Cyborg eventually breaks free from Anomaly's control, but unfortunately has lost his sight for the time being. Luckily, Exxy is there for a good old fashioned piggy back ride and aims Cyborg's arm
cannons for him. Cyborg wants to rescue Variant but it's too dangerous so he boom tubes them out of there sending them into a free fall. Of course Cyborg breaks their fall. Now to figure out how to rescue Variant and Dr. Stone, but I'm guessing that's next issue.

The Confessional:

I've really been enjoying this series and this issue is no different. I love everything Semper is doing with the character, his mythology and even Dr. Stone. Semper brings out the struggles that Cyborg is going through perfectly, whether it be with dealing with being half human or his relationship with his father. Plus, Anomaly is a kick ass villain. When it comes to the art I've said it in past reviews, it's the perfect team. The visuals depict what's going on in the story really well and the colors jump off the page.

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★★

Brandon Reid | NCR

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