Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Green Lanterns #16 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Sam Humphries
Pencils: Neil Edwards
Inks: Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne
Colors: Blond
Letter: Travis Lanham

Darkest Knight:

That's right, it's finally here, the Batman Green Lanterns team-up you've all been waiting for!!! Simon and Jessica are invited to Gotham to help Batman with a case that he feels they are perfectly suited for. Fear has struck Gotham, and it seems all the victims want to kill Batman, and Batman needs help getting to the bottom of this. Simon thinks Scarecrow, Batman thinks Sinestro Corps, and after an argument between Batman and Simon about Simon's gun Jessica unlocks the victim’s laptop to see an anti-Batman campaign. Embedded in the video is Yellow Lantern light, which made Batman right and impressed Simon. While in the Batcave Alfred seems to have been taken control by the Yellow light, attacks Simon and takes his gun saying he needs to kill Batman. The issue ends with Scarecrow sporting Sinestro Corps emblem after infecting an office space full of people.

The Confessional:

This story was good, this issue seems a little forced with Batman, even though it was set up in the last issue, and my fear is that he will upstage the two main characters of this book. My biggest complaint is having Batman and Simon argue for five pages, which was two pages too many. To make matters worse they were fighting over Simon's gun, which I am sure is going to be in a standalone issue just like with Jessica's anxiety in the last issue. The point is Batman doesn't like guns; you're in his city you follow his rules. So, we have five pages of useless fighting that gets us nowhere and Jessica has her ring unlock the victim’s computer, which I didn't know that the power rings could do that, but it seems that the power ring does more with Jessica than I have ever seen with anyone else. Now, I know Jessica is trying to impress Batman, but for someone with severe anxiety, I am surprised she didn't have a straight up anxiety attack when talking about the anti-batman campaigns. I mean foot in the mouth doesn't quite cover her dialogue, but Batman isn't phased by it and just carries on business as usual. Now, the part that bothers me is here, going back to my first complaint, if they can spend FIVE pages showing Batman and Simon arguing over something that SIMON should have had enough respect for Batman to just comply, but only spend a SINGLE panel of them in awe of the Batcave. It is the BATCAVE and it's their first time seeing this, it deserves more than just one panel, a double splash page would have been perfect, no words, just have them with a dumb look on their face or something. Before I talk about how AWESOME the ending of this issue is I want to specifically mention how much I LOVE the art in this book. FANTASTIC art, take out Humphries writing and you can easily follow the story and leave it in, and the book is great. Now back to the ending of this book, SCARECROW!!!! Now, if we see Batman actually admit Simon was also right I will instantly give the next book TEN STARS because Batman doesn't like to openly admit someone else was right. It was a really quick read.

Low Holy: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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