Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harley Quinn - Joker Loves Harley #13 SPOILER REVIEW

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: John Timms
Colors: Hi-Fi
Cover Price-$2.99

MR. J? 

Joker was knocked out and is now dreaming about the life him and Harley never had until he comes back to Harley beating the crap out of him and giving him the 3rd degree. Harley doesn't get why he is here and doesn't believe a word he says, I mean can you blame her? Her very first question is who is this guy? He continues saying that he his Joker, her main man, and she just keeps torturing this guy. She goes on to tell him that while she changed his clothes she noticed his under parts weren't the same. He didn't have the same scars and marks so she knew there was no way this guy could be the Joker. He's busted and finally admits he is a guy who gave Harley a bird cage from Staten Island. Apparently Harley had made a deal with this guy that if he got help she would come visit and she never did. He wound up by chance accidentally intercepting a letter from the Joker for someone else and he began to write the Joker. This guy, Edwin, told him all about his obsession with Harley and the Joker actually helped him get out of prison, get plastic surgery and even led him to the acid vat he dropped Harley in. He turned him into a second Joker just to get to Harley and mess with her head. She’s livid, and ends up killing Edwin.


Harley Quinn will always be one of my favorite villain girls. She's been my number 1 since she debuted in1992. No matter what story line or how awful it is. This story line I'm actually kind of fond of. It's not your typical Harley but she still has that same Harley type of crazy. I love that fact that she’s no longer swooning of Mister J but she is still maintaining that chaotic madness. I kind of wish that the fake Joker was someone a little more important but the fact it was a fake Joker was cool. The art is ok, not the greatest but very typical for Harley. I kind of want to see a softer Harley with softer lines. Maybe even dull the colors down a bit. Kind of taking some of her innocence back even though she’s not the most innocent of characters. I know that isn't very typical but it would be nice to see something a little different. Overall I give it a high holy. Good art, good story line. I'm ready for the next one!

High Holy ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR

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