Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Justice League/ Power Rangers #2

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Stephen Byrne

 It's Morphin Time! 

The League and the Rangers are at a stand still trying to assess one another. Jon Stewart attempts to contain them, but then the Power Rangers call unto their Dinozord Power totally shattering John’s green shield. This was a beautiful splash page. Some more fighting (on pretty equal grounds I should mention) when they finally come to the realization that none of them are bad guys. This conclusion was helped brought on by the lasso of truth in a pretty epic panel I will say so myself. Now that the fighting is done the Rangers reveal that they can’t return home, because when he came here Zack also brought along a friend. And by friend I mean super bad guy Lord Zedd. If things couldn’t get any worse Lord Zedd has found himself in the company of Braniac. With two evil minds together you know something bad is going to happen, like an unleashing of monsters all across Earth. It’s up to the Power Rangers and the Justice League to work together to fix this horrendous attack.  

The Confessional

SO I definitely read this whole issue with the biggest smile on my face, and now my jaw hurts. I don’t know what was better watching the Rangers in full Dinozord mode, or Flash’s reaction to it. I love how simple and clean the art was. The backgrounds stayed a neutral color to not take away from the awesomeness of what laid on each panel. The way the characters were drawn felt like I was up early on a Saturday morning watching my favorite cartoon. With this being such a homage to so many of our childhoods, that style was just perfect. So many little moments throughout this issue that made me genuinely laugh out loud.  The last page actually had my arms up in the air and cheering. If you can’t tell I was a pretty big Power Rangers fan as a kid and to see it on the pages with my beloved Justice League. I think my inner child is on the verge of exploding! Tom Taylor did such an excellent job with meshing the old and the new together. Not only is he paying respect to the Rangers he’s written a really great and exciting story. Some may say it’s a little campy, but that’s what it’s supposed to be! I loved every inch of every page. Excellent book!

Salvation: ★ ★

Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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