Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Super-man #8

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Pencils: Billy Tan
Inks: Haining
Colors: Gadson
Letters: Dave Sharpe

Training Day:

With Kenan training with Master I-Ching he has learned to tap into another one of his powers, super hearing. Overwhelmed with the noise of the distressed in the city Kenan rushes to save all these people. Meanwhile we have Batman of China dueling with Rongpei over who deserves to be the Batman of China. Wonder Woman of China fights Alpaca, and after finding out who's behind the mask, she brings Alpaca to Batman to show him. We end this issue with Kenan and Master I-Ching going to the realm of abstraction for Kenan to learn more about his abilities and Super-man Zero being broken out of his cell.

The Confessional:

Okay, let me start with this: I was extremely surprised by this comic... I haven't been reading it since the beginning of Rebirth and after weeks of people telling me to check it out I went and found issues 1-7 and fell in love. The art is fantastic and this story is gripping, a New Super-man who doesn't have all of his powers is learning how to control them and unlock them within himself... AMAZING. Now back to this issue, I love how this Batman has to prove himself and admits that he isn't the fastest and strongest of all the other Batman in training, but he is the best, because he doesn't give up!!! Especially with the surprise that his sister doesn't want him to be Batman because they don't get to spend time together anymore. I am waiting to find out more about our Wonder Woman and would love to see more of the major players coming out here too, a Speedster, Atlantian, and a Lantern to create a full Justice League of China. Kenan learning how to unlock his powers as well as learning his destiny is basically placed right across his chest because those are the Trigrams order to be unlocked to make him the Hero he can be... I cannot stop with all the positive feelings I have for this book, ON FIRE!!!!

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★★

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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