Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nightwing #15

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Minkyu Jung and Chris Sotomayer
Price: $2.99

A Bludhaven Epilogue...

Now when it comes to epilogues I find the story can either feel like filler and a waste of time or once in awhile it can actually be entertaining and insightful. This epilogue? Is actually pretty damn good. We see Dick and Shawn go on their first date and from there the issue shows the progress of their relationship.

Expanding on Dick Finding His Place...

One thing I like most about this issue is how it shows how Dick is finding his place in the world. He’s found a home in Bludhaven, he's made friends (and enemies) and he's even fallen in love. The issue shows the relationship from both Dicks and Shawn's perspective and it's perfect. It shows how much
alike they really are and how much they’re in love. But the story ends with someone hiding in Shawn's apartment sneaking up behind her and... Shawn?

The Confessional:

Great story especially since it was an epilogue like a I mentioned earlier. But the writing was well done, the art was better than it has been and the ending just makes me want the next issue to come out faster! Another great thing about this issue is all the conversations Dick has with the members of the Bat family. We really see how much of an impact Dick has had on everyone's lives and how important he is to everyone. Love it.

Holy: ★★★★★★★★✩✩

Brandon Reid | NCR

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