Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Suicide Squad #11

Rob Williams: Story
John Romita Jr.: Art
Dean White: Color
Cover Price: $2.99

Life Outside

We've got a lot going on in this story, Rustam is still after Amanda Waller who at this point has stepped away from the Squad to track him down. Rustam is building an army by going to different prisons and releasing prisoners. The Squad is always one step behind tracking this guy. This time they are in Tibet and intend on hacking a mainframe to retrieve information. I know I mentioned that Waller had stepped away well now the Squad is answering to Harcourt. We don't know much about her but it seems her and Waller share the same lack of morals and values. She does however agree for the Squad to let loose something Waller hasn't done; she allows the Squad to take a shore leave. In the meantime, Hack has entered the mainframe, literally. She's stopped when she hears a voice ask her if she found anything. She also discovers a spy within the Suicide Squad. She replies to the voice as if she knows what’s going on. She reaches out to Amanda Waller (the voice) and hands her what information they currently have. She also reveals that the Squad has been compromised and that there is a spy in their midst. Rustam has reached Blackgate and is currently releasing more prisoners. And so ends episode one.

Amanda decides she has no other choice and goes to release Zod. She is stopped by Harcourt who it
seems like she is trying to talk to Waller logically but she is still throwing some major shade. Back to the Squad who is on their shore leave. The shore leave is more of a funny thing as some of our characters reveal some deep thoughts about themselves. The one that got me was Deadshot went to visit his daughter who isn't supposed to know about him but thanks to the internet she does. She basically begs her dad to stay and he has to explain that he can’t because of Waller. We then cut to Waller who is walking down the street when she meets a mysterious person who holds her at gun point and asks if she has any last words. She replies don't miss and the shooter gets her square in the chest.


I am obsessed with this story and how it is always leaving me at “What is going on here?' kind of feeling. It starts out captivating and continues throughout the story. Just don't disappoint. What kills this comic for me is the art. I am by no means trying to be rude because my artistic talent is lucky to draw a stick family but I am not at all crazy about this Black Knight Monty Python Harley Quinn we have going on here. I like the colors and can deal with the rest of the sketch but Harley Quinn was ruined for me in this book. She has a signature look that you should at least try to mimic but was completely ignored for this. Story on point, art not so much. Truthfully I want to rate this lower but with the story line being so amazing I can look past the awful Harley Quinn art... kinda.

Blessing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR 

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