Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Super Powers! #4 SPOILER REVIEW

Writers: Art Baltazar and Franco
Artists: Art Baltazar
Cover Price $2.99

The Rise of the Legion of Doom

Black Manta appears and joins the Legion of Doom (LOD) while Superman and Superwoman are fighting off Brainiac on the new Krypton. Brainiac kidnaps Prymel and whisks him away to the LOD. Superman and Superwoman fly to the Fortress of Solitude and meet with their father. He informs them of Braniac’s evil plan and learns about the kidnapping of Prymel. Back at the LOD hideout Brainiac appears with Prymel and their meeting is interrupted by none other that the Justice League. Aquaman asks them politely to remove their fortress from the ocean, and of course the LOD says nope, and a battle ensues. Suddenly the newest member of the LOD appears, Starro. Just as it looks like our hero's are defeated Superman appears and saves the day and banishes Starro. He does however fail to stop Brainiac before turning Prymel into this Superman Prymel, all of a sudden he’s all grown up.

Before I start this confessional, I did this one a little bit different. My 6-year-old little dude, Noah, religiously reads this comic so what I'm going to do is break this up. First you're going to get his confessional then you're going to get mine. So here it goes:

Noah's Confessional

Overall Noah's favorite was getting to see the Legion of Doom. He loves Black Manta and the Riddler. He really liked the art, especially during the Starro battle. He felt like the colors were bright and fun. He likes how it reminds him of Teen Titans Go. We believe that in the next issue Superman Prymel is going to try and destroy the Justice League with Brainiac. He also rated this a Salvation.

Mom's Confessional

As a Mom I really enjoy this comic. It’s easy for the little one to read and it’s the perfect starter comic for kids. Even kids who are just starting to read would find this comic interesting. As an old time comic reader I love the fact that this is a kid’s comic and they stuck to the main roster of Legion of Doom and didn't just throw some bad guys together and said here is the Legion of Doom. I not only love the fact my kiddo reads comics but I'm loving the fact he actually has a good comic to read. Definitely looking forward to continuing this with my little guy! Not to mention I am kind of excited to see what happens!!!

Salvation ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Corrianne Hamlin | NCR 

With the help of Noah Wilson, the 6-year-old villain expert. 

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