Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Teen Titans Go!

“Poetry Jam”
P.C. Morrissey & Heather Huhfer: Story
Jeremy Lawson: Art & Color

Robin is currently writing Starfire sweet poems and he just can't decide on the perfect one. He ends up in the bathroom and in a hurry to hide the evidence he flushed his papers down the toilet and caused a massive flood in the Titan Tower. Cyborg turns himself into a submarine and they venture down the toilet literally. Beast Boy tries to help and pushes the “Large Blockages” into this hole that eventually shoots the Titans up through the sewer to the street and Robins poems shoot everywhere. Some of the civilians even read the poems. Once Starfire hears one of the poems she even tells everyone she wishes someone would write those for her. End story one.

“Beach Party A Go-Go”
Sholly Fisch- Story
Marcelo DiChiara: Art
Franco Riesco: Color

Our second story we find our Titans in the midst of battle. Robins wrist alarm goes off and suddenly it is time for Spring Break. They literally stop in the middle of battle and leave for vacation. They get to the beach and find the H.I.V.E. Five. Their first instinct is to fight them and then they realize they are on vacation so they decide to all party. They play Volleyball, Swim and even take selfies. A civilian spots them and makes note of how they all get along and how shocked she is and that starts an all out battle on the beach. Titans win of course and they make a pact to do it again next year.



This was so awesome! I thought it was hilarious when Beast Boy made fun of Robin for writing Starfire. Love is gross, even grosser than Cyborg jumping in the toilet. I'm going to start using the term “What in the water works?!?” The second story I though was funny because they stopped right in the middle of fighting to go on spring break. They get along with the bad guys and just bam, turn on them and whoop their butts. I like how the art looks just like the show. I am definitely giving this a ten even an 88!


I know the television show hasn't gotten the greatest reviews from the comic world BUT as a parent and a fellow comic lover I honestly love the show. It's part of the reason why Noah got into comics is because he got into this show first. This is such an easy and fun read as a parent reading with their kid so I am agreeing with my little guy and rating it an easy salvation. Seeing the love of these stories through his eyes is amazing.

Salvation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Noah & Corrianne | NCR 

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