Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wonder Woman #16/ Godwatch Pt. 1

Greg Ruka- Story
Bilquis Evely- Pencils
Romo Fajardo Jr- Colors
Cover Price- $2.99

Double Trouble 

We start off this revelation with Wonder Woman basically kicking butt and taking names. She has definitely taken off and has made a name for herself. The downside to doing this is it's put her on the radar of some pretty powerful enemies. We are with the leader of what we know already as Godwatch and she is discussing a project called Cyberwalker. We learn later it’s kind of like an Avatar thing where the pilot is plugged in to a machine and works a robot. The catch to this is if the robot is hurt the pilot is hurt as well. Also it is still in production and hasn't proven to completely work safely yet. We cut back to a little girl sitting in a museum when two identical twin men approach her. They capture her interest and steal her face. This little girl is Izzy and also the daughter of the woman who runs Godwatch. The twins reveal themselves as Gods and demand that Godwatch use Wonder Woman’s mind to find the location of Themyscira. They tried to penetrate her mind but failed because they are Gods it will only work if humans use technology to find the location within her memory. They use her daughter to threaten her to do their bidding so she sets up a confrontation with Wonder Woman and a previous foe named Chimera. Before we go into that however this is where we learn about the Cyberwalker and the dangers. They want to use the Cyberwalker to penetrate Wonder Woman’s mind. So they set up this
confrontation where the zookeeper falls into the cage of Chimera and per usual Wonder Woman shows up to save the day. Wonder Woman connects with Chimera and she really shows her softer side and her resolve to spread love and understanding. While she is calming Chimera down the cyberwalker creeps up and tries to access her memories. The plan completely backfires and Chimera fights back and kills the Cyberwalker. Of course the pilot is killed as well and so starts the hunt of Godwatch.


I love good story lines and I really get excited when they tie together and make complete sense finally. Kind of like that light bulb feeling, that is exactly what I got with this book. I am LOVING this. I am already stoked for this story and it is living up to all of my expectations which are really high especially for these female heroes. I love how it was small subtle knowledge and how it made what I felt like was a big impact for the story. That major light bulb moment. The art was amazing, I love the lines and details. The color was a bit dull for me but I have just come to the conclusion that I like my comics bright and colorful versus those earthy tones. Overall giving this one a salvation. Keep it up, keep me guessing and keep giving me those moments!

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★✩

Corrianne Hamlin NCR

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