Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Batman #18

Writer: Tom King
Artist: David Finch


Continuing with the I Am Bane story arc, this issue starts with Bane offering Batman a simple trade, Psycho Pirate for Batman's friends. Of course Batman says no, who didn't see that coming? This doesn't make Bane too happy.

At the same time as this confrontation, we are shown flashbacks of both Batman and Bane's origins showing us how similar their lives have been. This was so well done. It shows the reader how similar Batman really is to Bane, even if Bane is a murdering psycho.

I Am Bane...

Bane proceeds to beat on Batman yelling at home how he isn't like any of his other Rogues. He's not some rich boy playing dress up, he’s Bane. Batman takes the beating (at least I hope he is, he doesn't put up much of a fight) we find out he's actually distracting Bane. Since Batman declined Bane's offer, Bane calls Bird to tell him to kill the hostages. Unfortunately for him it's Catwoman who answers and it turns out she wanted to be captured so she could free the others. Brilliant!

The issue ends with Bane returning to Arkham to deal with Catwoman because he is quite mad at this point. Phenomenal issue this week. Tom King is stepping it up and I like it.

The Confessional:

This issue was incredible. The way we see how both Batman and Bane have had the same life yet because of their situations turned out so incredibly different was such a great idea. Showing both lives with panels side by side was a great addition as well. Then there's the art... phenomenal! David Finch draws Bane like he should look and the attention to detail... beautiful.

Salvation ★★★★★★★★★★

Brandon Reid | NCR

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