Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cyborg #10

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artists: Will Conrad & Szymon Kudranski
Colors: Ivan Nunes & Guy Major


The world thinks that Cyborg has gone rogue and off the map. In reality he does have a virus, but he’s fighting it with all he has. With the help of Exxy (a notorious thief) he may just be able to beat it. Mean while Anomaly is following a voice in his head that is telling him to soak up more information and become stronger so that he can eradicate humanity. Marcy tries to get Variant’s help to stop the fake Silas and save Cyborg, but Variant might just be too weak. Maybe this new face Black narcissus can help? Now Anomaly is getting the help from the rat King to track down Cyborg. Looks like the rats might just have this one beat too.

The Confessional

This book was very text heavy, but Cyborg has been consistent with being this way. There’s a lot more information that needs to be relayed so it fits the story. He’s not your typical punch and kick superhero. I like Exxy a lot. His snarky comments or reckless suggestions do well to break up the seriousness of all the techno talk going on.  I really enjoy the mystery of the voice that is instructing Anomaly. Semper has done a really great job with taking an underrated character and really making him more dynamic and interesting. I thought the art was really well done and helped dramatize the tone of the book. Overall a great read and worth a pick up.

High Blessing: ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩ 6/10

Ariel DuPey | NCR

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