Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Detective Comics #953

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Christian Duce & Fernando Blanco
Colors: Alex Sinclair with Allen Passalaqua

Again, Again, Again...

So even though this is quite a serious issue, I must say I found the intro quite amusing. We open with Commissioner Gordon being brought into Gotham and is greeted by Batman and Batwoman in the helicopter. I don't know why but I found this amusing. Plus, Gordon is wearing a Hawaiian shirt which is just awesome. Anyways the reason he's returning is to help with the current situation, which he thinks is another Joker attack but Batman knows it's a decoy.

Then we see Orphan watching footage of Shiva and thinking back to when she was being trained. She basically gets told that there's no one out there that cares for her and that she has no real mother. Back the present, Clayface let's Orphan know that he knows how she feels and if she wants to go, he won't stop her. It's actually a really good part. So off she goes whole Clayface casually let's Batman know that Orphan snuck past him. Then he gets ripped apart by the League. No!


Batman finds Orphan and tries to convince her to stop. She wants none of it and kicks the crap out of him. But of course he won't fight back, he cares too much and he believes in Cassandra Cain. Then she kicks him off the roof but he's Batman so he's fine. Until he gets a call from Alfred who thinks someone might have been in the Batcave. Alfred no!

Batwoman returns to the Batcave only to find Clayface in pieces and captured. Then tortured or possibly even killed in front of her father. It's not looking good for anyone at this point. Because next Orphan calls out Shiva to ask why she left her as an infant. Shiva doesn't answer and just fights her. But like Batman, Orphan won't fight back. Then she gets thrown down a manhole. No!
To wrap it all up, Batman returns to the Batcave to find surveillance of what has happened to everyone and is greeted by who else but Ra’s Al Ghul! Who is looking great for his age I must say. 

The Confessional:

Loving this story arc. First I loved the fact that we were getting more story on Orphan. Then we got the League of Assassins and now Ra’s Al Ghul. I can't wait for the next issue. Another great part of this issue was when Batman wouldn't fight back when Orphan fought him then she did the same with Shiva. Loved it. I really enjoyed the art in this issue. Clayface looked really good, scary yet you could still see the sadness he feels. Well done.

Salvation: ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭  10/10

Brandon Reid | NCR

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