Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Green Arrow #18

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Eleonora Carlini 


Really great issue that gives us the origin of how Roy meets Oliver. Roy is shown pickpocketing shoppers at the Emerald City Mall where he ends up staying after it closes. In order to do so he puts the security cameras on a loop, allowing him to eat pizza, steal clothes and use a bow and arrow. But unfortunately, one of the shoppers he stole from was Oliver Queen, who ends up finding Roy in the mall and takes him home. Roy cracks the code into Arrow HQ, impressing Oliver. He becomes Speedy and we're shown that he's the one who created Green Arrow's trick arrows. Love it.

Fast Forward to the Present...

Now we're brought to the present where Roy is being pulled over by police on his way to the Spokane Indian Reservation. There's a protest against the construction of an oil pipeline and these cops want Roy to go home. Bad idea. Roy slams the cops face into his truck and proceeds to run the others off the road. So badass.

A Deeper Origin...

Loved the ending of this issue. Both the past that we're seeing and the present shows us that before Oliver taking in Roy, someone else took him in at one point as well. We are shown that they were part of an Indian tribe killed with an arrow and Roy apparently was the one who killed him. So says his brother who he meets, and before long they are attacked by a gang of Wild Dogs (loved the character nod here). Then the issue ends with Green Arrow coming to help and Roy punching him claiming this is all his fault! Insert dramatic music!

The Confessional:

I actually really enjoyed this issue. Benjamin Percy found a great way to bring back a classic character. It was great how everything ties together in the end but at the same time brings up so many questions was fantastic. How did Roy kill his father? How did his father find him? What's up with his brother? I want more please! I also really enjoyed the art in this issue. The colors were really well done and past and present characters were captured perfectly.

Salvation ★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10

 Brandon | NCR

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